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Valentine's Cupcakes for Krampus

The prompt was Valentine's at Cringle Academy. This turned into a MM Krampus x Frost scenario.

Content notes: NSFW, spanking, MM, anal, lust influenced by magic hidden in baked goods, satyr, knotted cock.

Nick Krampus

The most delicious looking cupcakes had been left out for me by Noelle. A paper placed next to the plate had my name written in her cursive lettering.

For Krampus.

Then she had drawn a heart with an arrow through it.

Which was interesting. She normally called me Nick. Perhaps this was her way of telling me exactly what kind of rough play she wanted later, this Valentine’s night.

My tongue swiped over my lips as I eyed the towering, silky red buttercream. It was in tightly looped ripples atop black cake. Little black pearls of sugar sat shiny atop the frosting. A whole plate of cupcakes, all made specifically with my favorite colors—black and red.

What a perfect way to kick off Valentine’s Day.

My mouth was already watering. I pinched a cupcake off the plate and brought it to my face. I could smell the dark chocolate of the cake and the spicy cinnamon of the frosting. I peeled down the edge of the paper and sunk my teeth in. The cinnamon made tingles burst across my body, all the way down my spine and into the ends of my fingers. As my tongue and teeth worked the delicious sugary treat, I felt warm.

Really warm.

I was burning up actually and the tingles racing over my body weren’t stopping. The half-eaten cupcake fell from my hand, dropping to the floor icing side down. I watched the red frosting splatter out like a blood-drenched crime scene as I grabbed the edge of the counter and growled in pain.

Something was happening to me. I reached for the paper with my name and pulled it closer—hoping there was some explanation on it. I stared at it as sweat began pouring off me. Finally, it came to me. That wasn’t Noelle’s handwriting. It was similar, but the loops were rounder than hers.

“Shit,” I hissed as I slid to the floor, groaning. I felt it inside me, the spirit of Krampus rising up and pressing on my skin. Fur moved inside, just under the surface, pressing and pushing. This had never happened before. This didn’t feel like the normal shift at Christmas time. That was a sudden burst of dark energy growing and growing until Nick was gone, a quiet ghost inside of the powerful Krampus giant.

Right now, I still felt like me. My mind was fully in control but the needs of Krampus, the darkness that lived inside me, was twisting and throbbing. The creature inside was combining with my own identity in some strange magic mating.

Dark fur burst out over my lower body. My clothes split, falling in shreds as my size increased.

I ground my jaw as I felt teeth sharpen in my mouth. My legs burned enough to have me groaning and sweating. I watched as my arms sprouted dark fur and my fingers turned dark, tipped with sharp talons. Looking down at my legs and saw they’d changed entirely into those of an animal, my feet now hooves. My forehead felt like it was being cracked open and I reached up and touched horns.

I was a satyr, I realized.

That’s when I blacked out.


When I came to, it must not have been long because no one had found me sprawled out on the floor. I heaved myself off the ground. Despite this being on goat legs, it felt natural…it felt right. My right hand tightened into a fist and it felt like something was missing, a switch to whip the naughty with. I was neither the eldritch god Krampus nor the human wizard Nick. I was a combination of both and there was a furious need inside me, aching between my legs.

I grabbed some cupcakes and shoved them into my bag, but left the shreds of my clothes on the ground.

When I stepped, my hooves scraped and clapped against the tile until I made it to the rugs in the castle halls. It muted the sound of my movement, making it easy to slip through the empty halls in silence.

Noelle’s castle was the permanent new Cringle Academy. It was a homier but just as spacious a castle for the academy. Unlike our previous place, it was filled to the brim with thick curtains, furniture, knick-knacks, and more. Which made it easier for me to cling to the shadows like a ghost, even during the bright of day.

I was entirely nude, a stretch of tan skin and furred legs. My thick cock jutted up between my legs and kissed my belly button. I wrapped a clawed hand around it and squeezed.

Instincts were rampant inside me and I had zero desire to fight them. I needed to find the others and I needed to fuck them. I wouldn’t be pleased until the palm of my hand was numb from the spankings I’d give them. Naughty little fuckers like them needed a good hard spanking before I spread them open and gave them my cock.

Most everyone was in class—the halls empty. I slunk around the edges, shifting between tables and wall curtains. I heard the crisp words of Frost inside one of the rooms and stopped dead in my tracks. Slowly, I moved forward, pressing my ear to the carved wooden door and listening to him give a lecture. My cock throbbed and my claws dragged down the door. My mind danced with salacious fantasies involving the winter elf. Things I’d been dreaming of ever since Christmas night when I had him tied up with his cock in my throat.

The long scratch of my nails against the door was loud enough that he heard and stopped talking. I moved away and pressed into the wall, waiting as I heard him walk to the door and open it up. He leaned out, looking around. His white hair floated slightly as he moved, his eyebrows furrowing together as his head twisted around, seeing nothing.

Then, he finally spotted me, a dark shape standing silently, watching him from the shadows right next to him.

His pale blue eyes widened, his body jerking back suddenly. I heard his heart start to sputter fast in his chest.

Fear, I hissed in delight in my mind. His reaction managed to make me even harder. I loved the panic he was showing me—the desperate, feeble attempt to get away from the monster.

He pulled on the door, trying to close it fast, to keep the beast away but I was too fast and too strong. My hand shot out, the taloned fingers snatching his embroidered cape and with one simple pull he was dragged from the room and down the hall, his classroom devoid of its professor as I kidnapped him for my carnal wants. I couldn’t wait to plunder my catch.

His fingers wrapped around my wrist and I felt his frost burrow into my bones. I hissed in pain and quickly tossed him over my shoulder before bolting down the hallway and out of the school, darting into the cold woods.

He fought me with ice and wind, his hands grabbing at the fur on my body and making it feel like icicles were stabbing at me.

I flung him to the snow-covered ground on his belly and he scrambled to get up. The wind blew so hard I nearly fell over and I knew in a moment I’d lose him—he had the power to become the wind itself. So I flung my body on him, wrestling him back to the ground because I wasn’t letting him go.

He struggled against me, his heart pounding. I could taste his fear and it was delicious. Frost suddenly unleashed a brutal ache of freezing temperatures that made ice form on the tips of my fur.

I loved the way he was fighting me. I loved the taste of his fear that I so rarely got from the ancient elf.

“Such a naughty elf,” I growled in delight. Frost stilled suddenly.

“Krampus?” He asked, the plummeting temperature stalling out as he reeled his power back in. While holding him to the ground I peeled his pants down until his pale ass faced me. He sucked in a breath but didn’t fight me anymore, confused and distracted by what was going on with me.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked, his hands brushing the fur at my legs in confusion. I reached into my bag and pulled out a cupcake. I could hear his audible swallow as I leaned over him, pressing my body closer to his again, almost laying on him. I held the cupcake to his face.

“Open up,” I demanded, looking down at him beneath me, his pants around his knees, my cock bobbing above his back. I was desperate for more right now. Desperate to see the pale ass of my professor turn red from my hand.

When Frost didn’t open his mouth I pinched his nose. He writhed beneath me until finally, his mouth popped open. I shoved the cupcake in his mouth.

“That’ll keep your cries muffled,” I said with a dark chuckle as I pressed my palm gently to his ass. He murmured through the frosting and cake, shooting a glare over his shoulder at me. I waited until he’d spit out the treat entirely, red frosting smeared across his chin, before I pulled my hand back and slapped his ass.

“Krampus,” he snapped in shock, his body jerking from the impact. His face began to turn red and I realized the cupcake was doing something to him too. His eyes were heavy-lidded and he was panting and squirming. I pulled my hand back and spanked the same spot as before. A throaty yell came from him. I gripped and rubbed his reddened flesh.

“Why are you a satyr?” He managed to get out. “And why are you spanking me?” He bit out, trying to hold on to his authoritative tone.

“You’re a naughty professor,” I purred, pulling back my hand and spanking the same spot again, harder this time. He jerked before shuddering and groaning.

“I didn’t do anything,” he rasped but he wasn’t fighting me as he laid belly down in the snow, his red ass taunting me.

“You’re the naughtiest, most pathetic creature and it makes me want to fuck you,” I growled over top of him. My thick, long cock settled on the crease of his ass and I slid it up and down.

“Nick,” he said, shuddering a little beneath me. I noted the large round knot at the base of my cock and reached down, gripping it tightly. I groaned, the pleasure was immense from touching it.

“I’m… teaching a class,” he huffed against the snow. “What was in that cupcake?” His face began to turn even redder and he grabbed at his clothes, panting. I growled and reached for them, pulling the outer layers off. The undershirt clung to him, translucent from sweat. The normally ice-cold elf was warm.

I pushed the shirt to his shoulder blades and leaned down, a long tongue stretching from my mouth and licking up his spine to taste him. He sucked in a sharp breath. I spanked him again, making him buck beneath me.

“Mmm,” I purred. “Do that again once I have my cock inside you.”

“Fuck,” he rasped lifting his ass like he was presenting it to me.

“Good professor,” I growled. “But it’s terrible naughty to want a student to fuck you and for that, you need to be punished.”

“You poisoned me,” he hissed in anger.

“Hmm, should I take care of you then, professor? Since this,” I said, moving my hand around his body and tapping my claws against the side of his erection, “is my fault?”

“Yes,” he finally said through gritted teeth. I hummed, looking down at him beneath me. He wasn’t the only one with apparent poison running in their blood and I’d gone as long as I could without relief.

I licked my fingers and rubbed them against his puckered hole until a finger slipped in. He groaned as I worked him open, occasionally shooting glances of need over his shoulder at me.

I growled as he rocked back on my hand. Then I pulled my fingers out and lined myself up. When I popped inside him he hissed and groaned. I looked at my tip settled in his ass and shuddered.

“Punish me more,” he rasped into the snow with a red face, waiting for me to thrust deeper. And so I did, pushing in and spreading out his tight hole until he hit the top of my knot. I pulled back my hand and gave him a hard spank. He bucked and tightened, working me into near delirium to feel him writhing on me.

I leaned over him, pressing my mouth to his ear.

“So naughty,” I growled with delight before pulling back my hips and slamming them back in. He gasped, his eyes widening, his body rocking back to meet mine as if he loved his rough punishment. He was hot and sweaty, a state I’d never seen him in. My tongue shot out and licked up the frosting still clinging to his chin, feeling the heat of the cinnamon across my body.

I growled and began to fuck him in earnest, pushing my way inside him again and again.

“You’re even better than I imagined,” I rasped. He rocked back to meet my thrusts, his face flushed, his white hair plastered to his face. I began to rut him quickly, my balls drawing up as I watched myself disappear inside the professor over and over.

My hand slid around his hip and gripped his erection. Three strokes and he was moaning and spilling in my hand. His ass tightened on my cock and the noises of pleasure I’d given him rolled delightfully over my body making me growl. An overwhelming sense of ownership overtook me and I gripped his hips and brought him all the way down on my cock, making him spread to take my knot.

He cursed, his body shaking in my hands as I spilled inside him. My knot swelled and he groaned, relaxing in my grip as my hips gave shallow thrusts to work the knot a little deeper.

“Good professor,” I groaned as he relaxed to take me.

Then we passed out.


When I woke up Noelle was standing above me. Next to me, Frost was still naked and sleeping in the snow. I looked down at my body and saw it had gone back to normal. So now I was just naked in the snow. No more lust-fueled satyr stealing and fucking winter elves.

I groaned, my head pounding.

“Valentine poisoned you,” Noelle said, holding up the note I’d left with the plate of cupcakes inside. “Luckily, it seems you worked it out of your system.” I sat up and looked at her.

“Why would he do that?” I asked and she sighed deeply, crossing her arms over her red and pink fleece coat.

“He and I don’t get along.”

“Noelle,” I groaned, closing my eyes. “Why can’t you get along with any holiday deities?”

“It’s not my fault his treats are terrible. I mean candy hearts? Have you eaten those?” She went through the effort of doing a very convincing fake gag—as if just the thought alone of candy hearts had her dry heaving.

“The cupcakes were good,” I said. Which was the wrong thing to say. I heard the magical phantom twinkle of bells, her golden eyes furious as they dung into me, and her white hair lifting preternaturally. Once the smell of pine and sugar filled my nostrils I knew I had to say something fast or end up with candy canes gouged in my eyes.

“And by good I mean terrible,” I said quickly, trying to look disgusted. Her eyes narrowed but her magic began to calm down. She finally clicked her tongue and looked away. I relaxed then looked over at Frost still asleep in the snow.

“Here,” Noelle said, shoving a piece of paper in my hand. I unrolled it.

“A map?” I asked, my eyes dragging over it. She leaned over the top and pointed to a place.

“Valentine is likely in his vacation cottage in the Black Forest right here. It’s a couple hours hike but…” she trailed off. I rolled the map closed and climbed onto my feet. I curled my toes, marveling at having them again after the strangeness of hooves.

“Seems I need to pay someone a visit,” I growled in delight, stomping off to get my clothes and a paddle. Just in time too because Frost finally woke up and I knew he was going to reprimand me for kidnapping him from class.

“Krampus!” Frost snapped behind me and I moved faster.


God, I was clever. And hilarious. And quite good-looking, I thought while passing a mirror, eyeing the long dark curls of my glossy hair. My rich red feather wings swept behind me as I moved through my cottage, delighted in myself. I stopped at the mirror for a moment and bit my bottom lip, making it appear as if I’d used it in some salacious manner recently. My tongue swiped across the red, slightly swollen lip.

I smiled at myself, dragging my fingers over my cheekbones and jaw before a laugh burst out of me. Noelle was likely having quite a difficult time with Krampus. My powers had a way of strangely effecting magic creatures. I could only imagine what sort of chaos Krampus would inflict on her.

Served her right for offending my candy. Her candy didn’t even do anything! How she could even compare hers to my lusty creations was comical, really.

My front door burst open, startling me. I sucked in a sharp breath of shock as I saw Nick Krampus in the flesh, looking completely fine and holding a…

“Paddle!” I wheezed. Oh fuck me, I had to get out of here.

“You’ve been naughty,” he growled, dark eyes flashing predatorily, a smile stretching across his face. It was downright villainous and gooseflesh rolled across my red skin as my eyes widened in fear.

I bolted towards the back door because there was no use denying it. I was as guilty as they come. He knew it, I knew it.

My hand reached out toward the gold knob. I could already taste victory because once I was outside I could fly. I’d stick around in the sky and taunt the fucker, make him feel like a fool for trying to seek some revenge.

I was already smiling and cackling, twisting the knob in my hand.

Then I felt a warm hand on my neck, dragging me back into the living room. My escape got further away.

“No!” I cried. He chuckled, flung me over his knee, brought the paddle up, and spanked me.

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