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Hookah Smoking Caterpillar Illustrated Cover
Kira Night Hookah Smoking Caterpillar
Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

A Monster Ménage Retelling

Cover Art by Kira Night

I’m falling down the rabbit hole into Cheshire’s Den of Debauchery.

I’m obsessed with my deviant desires and only one thing can bring me satisfaction—Caterpillar. Whether by luck or misfortune, he can be bought. I only need to make a deal with Cheshire...and his deals have the tendency to go sideways.

They say curiosity killed the cat but I’m the one in trouble. I was the canary in his jaws the moment I stepped into his lair.

And I just keep falling. Falling for them and falling to the bottom of Wonderland where the truth of my past lurks in the murky depths.

Wonderland bites and I fear I’ve been infected.

Author Note: This is a monster retelling of Alice in Wonderland and is an extended version of the short story by the same title in the Into the Woods Anthology published April 2022.


Content Notes: Dubcon, somnophilia, brothel setting, prostitution, pheromone influence, light degradation, obsession, ovipositor, interesting peen, contracts involving sex/ownership, swapping liquids, spitting, smoking, drug use, drinking, morally questionable characters, murder/death, knife violence, poisoning, body horror, eco horror (aka “evil” nature), gore, MMF ménage (MF/MM/MMF scenes), hookah hose in the hoo-ha, human table/objectification, exhibitionism, voyeurism, invisible peeping w/o prior consent, forced orgasms, edging, animal-like qualities/characteristics, bug-like qualities/characteristics, hand necklace, domination and submission, forced submission, pet play, predator-prey/primal/chasing, cocooning, mental health themes (including but not limited to past trauma [non sexual], dissociation, and possible hallucinations).

Hookah Smoking Caterpillar Audiobook
Cheshire Cat Character Art

Cheshire art by Alta Riff

Audiobook performed by Maeve York, Curt Bonnem, and Lance West. Published by Pink Flamingo Productions.

Shaheen Character Art

Caterpillar art by Bloodwrit

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