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Beatrix Hollow survives in a puddle of mud sometimes called East Texas. She writes morally questionable paranormal romance that frequently has horror themes. Sometimes there’s even a strange kink and interesting appendage. She finds dark, steamy, and humorous themes fun.

She studied creative writing and psychology at Virginia Tech, used to be a professional ice cream maker, and enjoys looking at artwork of raccoons.

If you like dark contemporary reads check out Lux Oleander...

Lux Oleander Profile Aleksa Art

Lux Oleander survives in the heat-drenched state of Texas, attempting to drink the humidity for sustenance. When she isn't writing in her metal storage container turned office she's watching horror, playing video games, or staring at her collection of possessed furbies.

Lux writes high action and high heat that's low on morals. Serial killers, stalkers, and stabby fun with a serving of dark humor are a few of her favorite things. Her books feature villain leads with charm and wit and main characters with just as much bite as their love interests.

Some favorite things:

Movies: Blade Runner; Alien/Prometheus; Planes, Trains, & Automobiles; Joker; Kiki's Delivery Service

TV: Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Brothers Sun, Supernatural, Bates Motel, True Blood

Video Games: Coral Island, Dredge, Beat Saber

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