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A Paranormal Why Choose Holiday RomCom

Ho! Ho! No!!
Step One: Infiltrate Cringle Academy (which is filled with the snobbiest witches and wizards in existence, ugh)
Step Two: Kidnap Santa
Step Three: Win back my stolen crown
Step Four: Take back Christmas

I'm the last Christmas elf and I'm freaking tired of that jolly, twinkle-eyed joke acting like he invented my holiday! I’m tired of witches and wizards turning Christmas into a corporation. And I’m absolutely over the whole elegant Christmas vibe these weirdos created. I mean pastels?! When did Christmas involve PASTELS!

I’m competing in this school’s famous Christmas Cringle Competition. A week of everything Christmas--baking, snowball fights, gingerbread houses. Oh, I’ve so got this.

There are a few things threatening to ruin my plans though:
Professor Jack Frost is winter itself. He's a powerful, ancient elf that could ruin my ruse if he gets too close and realizes who I really am.
Nick Krampus, the frightening Krampus monster who enjoys his job of punishing naughty people way too much. Yikes--is kidnapping Santa considered naughty?
Pyr Claus. Cringle Academy's little golden prince who I will in no way fall for. I don't care how good he looks or how everyone seems to buy his whole nice guy act. He's a Claus, enemy numero uno.

I'm pretty sure they know I've got Santa in my closet...

I am so dead.

Author Note: A STANDALONE holiday why choose/paranormal reverse harem with three male love interests and mm scenes.

Jack Frost & Krampus (Signed) (2).png
Artwork of Jack Frost and Nick Krampus by Impyeu, inspired by bonus scene found here.
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