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Monster Island Cover
Monster Island Title

A Monster Battle Royale Novella

Welcome to Monster Island, the deadly televised competition where felons, ex-military, and anyone crazy or desperate enough is dropped on an island of monsters. Winner takes all if anyone can survive.

I’m a bad girl—a convicted armed bank robber. It isn’t the pardon, fame, or riches I’m after though. It’s the monsters themselves. I’ve got a mighty hunger.

However, I might get more than I can handle when a grumpy green giant sets his red eyes on me.

Expect this action monster romance novella to include:

  • massive size difference

  • strong FMC and MMC

  • fast paced action

  • lots of mean green milk

Author Note: This is a slightly expanded version of the short story in Monstrous Desires Anthology published February 2022.

CONTENT NOTES: Extreme size difference, belly bulge, green nut butter, violence, gore, death game, death/murder, guns, sexually explicit content, unsafe sex, mention of breeding (no pregnancy occurs), rough and extreme sex, unrealistic/would undoubtedly kill someone in real life sex, morally gray characters, and piracy.

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