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Please note: there is sexual contact between these characters. This is an alternate universe (AU) where their partners do not exist.


In a world where Verfallen is a slightly friendlier establishment, they've decided to take a field trip to New River Campground in West Virginia. This is the very campground from Run & Hide. Mothman currently likes to hang around, peeping on campers.

6k words short story. Let me know if you'd be interested in continuing this story!

Chapter One


“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round,” Doreen, our group therapist, sang out with her southern belle accent. She was clapping and smiling like we were a kindergarten class and not criminally insane superhumans. To be fair, a few people did join in but they were so doped their rendition of the song’s chorus was more akin to the groans of a zombie hoard.

For a moment, I imagined the entire bus as the undead. Zane’s eye hanging from the socket, dangling around and jerking in tune to the song. Doreen’s jaw missing and her tongue flapping like an excited flag on a windy day while trying to sing.

I started to laugh and from the very front of the bus, Stein heard me chuckling. He looked up from his journal and his body slowly turned in my direction until he was staring at me with his infamous blank stare.

I settled deeper in my bench seat, digging my knees into the back of the seat in front of me. The person sitting there had been sweating and staring at me with abject horror the entire ride and only just calmed down enough to sit normally. He felt my knees dig into his back through the thin pieces of fake leather, springs, and meager padding and squealed like a pig, bounding up from his seat and diving across the center into the bench already filled with two people—Mr. Pompadour and his buddy. He landed on their lap and a commotion broke out, which led to a full-on fight, which led to everyone standing up and roaring like blood-thirsty animals. For some goddamn reason, Stein just kept glaring at me as if the entire thing was my fault.

This was the first field trip Verfallen had and I got the feeling that if we had any more, I’d be conveniently left at the asylum like that kid in Home Alone who had to befriend a tarantula to keep his sanity intact.

The bus suddenly shifted into high gear and veered over several lanes to an exit it had already missed. That wasn’t stopping whoever they got to drive this thing.

“Hold on,” the driver said without any enthusiasm. The wheels breached the concrete median, the bus jerking up each time a new wheel violently rolled up and then back down the curb. People flew out of their seats and came crashing back down, skulls knocking against one another. Undoubtedly half of us just got concussions but it was likely an improved state compared to our mental norm.

The kid who’d made a pig impression took the opportunity to escape the beating he was getting from My Pompadour and his buddy. His body flung himself into the seat in front of that one. Unfortunately, that was the girls. The tiny sea witch had a hard-on for man-a-cide. I heard gurgles like someone was drowning on dry land and lost interest, looking out the window at the town we were pulling into.

The sun reflected off a large shiny object and I had to close my eyes for a moment. When I reopened them the bus had turned and I couldn’t see what had caused the flash of light. Stumbling out of the bus, I started to round it to get a look at whatever it was.

“Basil,” an apathetic voice said and I sighed but turned around. Dr. Stein stood there with heavy-lidded pale brown eyes that made him look perpetually bored and unimpressed. He hadn’t bothered to remove his doctor jacket out in the wild.

“Don’t kill anyone on this trip. It’ll be a paperwork nightmare,” he said before turning around and walking off. I rolled my eyes, for my own benefit since he couldn’t see it. Not only because he was turned around but also because of the mask.

Today I wore a Scream mask. Considering I also wore all-black clothing, I looked pretty much like the villain, but sexier since my entire outfit was skin tight and my boots could burst a man’s ballsack open if he wanted me to. Not sure why this made-up man would want me to but I didn’t judge people’s kinks.

I turned around the bus’s corner and saw the thing that had blinded me with light. It was a tall silver statue in the town square. Some type of insect-man thing. I went over and stared at its bug face.

“Weird,” I said before moseying around to look at its metal wings. However, once I got to the back I was staring at one very shiny bubble butt.

“You’re supposed to rub Mothman’s bottom for good luck,” someone rasped near me and my skeleton nearly leapt from my body. I let out a barked curse. People never snuck up on me unless they wanted to be murdered. I looked over at the one-hundred-year-old lady hunched over her cane and considered she may very well want to be murdered at her age. Still, that wasn’t my job. I took a large step back and she laughed, reached in, and patted the statue’s ass.

She turned back towards me and then seemed to notice I looked like a freak--dressed head to toe in black, gloves on each hand, and a Halloween mask covering my face entirely. Her face drained of color and she shuffled off at an alarming rate considering the cane.

My attention settled back on the statue, particularly its shiny butt. I had to give it to them, this is one thing I hadn’t expected in West Virginia; A naked alien whose ass needs rubbing for luck.

“Well, when in Rome,” I said, shuffling up and grabbing the cheeks with both gloved hands. I wanted to be thorough so I climbed up on the structure and attempted to give him a reach around, which resulted in me sort of humping his ass unintentionally, my cock grinding into the metal cheeks before I fell off.

I groaned from the sidewalk below the cursed Mothman statue.

“Good luck my ass,” I hissed, rubbing my shoulder and peeling myself off the ground. With a sigh, I shuffled in the direction of the store half of my bus mates went into. I meandered around inside, wasting time. Stein kept blankly staring at me from where he waited by the entrance.

Eventually, I found myself staring at a tee shirt that had even more suggestions for what to do to Mothman. Apparently, for some people it wasn’t enough just slapping his ass, they also wanted to suck his dick.

“These people really like Mothman,” I said, snatching the shirt off the hanger and bee-lining for the register. I slapped the shirt down and tugged on my wallet chain. I, of course, didn’t want to suck his dick. That would be ludicrous. Insane. I bet the monster had a really strange cock. Maybe it even tasted weird.

I pondered how Mothman’s cock would taste as I paid for my “I Sucked Mothman’s Dick in Point Pleasant, WV” shirt.

“Do you think it tastes funny?” I asked the attendant behind the plexiglass. The teenager was sweating buckets, his eyes wide and darting around at the group of insane, strange-looking people in his store.

“Wh— What?” He asked, eyes growing rounder as he looked at my mask.

“His cock, Mothman. Do you think it tastes funny?”

“Oh, I…I’m not like that,” he said, face growing red.

“Like what?” I asked.

“I don’t uh…I’m not gay,” he blurted out suddenly and far too loud.

“Well, I’m not either,” I said, snatching the shirt off the counter and stomping off. It wasn’t gay to imagine sucking cock. Was it? No, I thought with a huff.

“Anyone would be curious,” I yelled back at the attendant.

“Everyone back on the bus,” Nurse Rachel yelled out. Everyone grumbled and began shuffling out. The inmates, sorry patients, were so happy with this trip that they were willing to follow rules to the best of their ability. A three-day camping trip in West Virginia was no one’s first choice but Doreen was the one who planned the whole thing.

Apparently, nature would really help improve our murderous urges. I think the camping decision was more about keeping us away from human populations while also isolating us in a location that would make running away difficult and unsavory.

Not that anyone was likely to run away. We were all willingly at Verfallen Asylum, sequestering ourselves for one reason or another. However, we were also known for risky behavior, sudden bad decisions, and well, murder. That didn’t make us the most logical bunch.

Chapter Two


After setting up camp and watching the others feast on hotdogs, we were all sitting around a campfire. Well, around wasn’t really the right word. Everyone was crowded on one side of the fire and I was on the other side. I frowned behind my mask at the group.

“Come here, honey, you can sit next to me,” the campground manager cooed at me. A middle-aged woman who was sporting a mullet. Everyone else tried shaking their heads at her but she ignored them as she smiled at me.

“Don’t mind if I do,” I said chipperly before dragging my black camping chair over next to her. The others sucked in a breath, the more anxious ones looked vaguely ill. And that…really brightened my mood. And my mood only improved more as she leaned in closer to me and someone screamed out “no”.

“Don’t let bullying get to you, sweetie. Why don’t you take that mask off?”

“How about I don’t instead,” I responded and she frowned.

“Ever hear of the Mothman monster?” The ranger asked us all. He was a middle-aged man with wrinkles around his eyes. His words came out with a thick southern accent as he talked. I looked down at the shirt I’d bought today, having immediately put it on.

“Like in a biblical way?” I asked with a chuckle. He ignored me.

“He’s famous,” the ranger started. “A legend that came from these very woods.” I watched as the campground manager began to eat a s'more in the messiest way possible. Pieces of melted chocolate slipped from her graham crackers and landed on her knee. She wiped at it, smearing it around into a sticky mess as she tongued the s’more’s insides. I watched, it was hard to look away. Like car crashes.

“There’s a yearly festival in Point Pleasant. It’s to inform people about what's out there. The creature with glowing red eyes and wings twenty feet long,” the ranger said, throwing his arms out wide. My attention went back to him.

“Some say he’s the devil. A furred man with taloned feet and the pits of hell burning in his eyes.” The ranger's dark eyes were wide. I could see the flames of our campfire reflected in them, emphasizing his point about the monster. At some point, he’d gone from easygoing to serious. His eyes dug into us as if begging us to deny his claims.

“People have seen him?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” the ranger said, nodding. “Lots of people. Most literature likes to think this all started in the sixties but Mothman sightings have been going on since people existed in the area.” If this story was supposed to shock anyone here, the ranger had failed his goal. He had no idea he was sitting with a bunch of supernatural humans.

“Mothman lives in these very woods, hidden close by and waiting,” the ranger continued. “Hungry. Blood is always drenched around his mouth because he is always feeding. Always eating. Sometimes the animals of the woods aren’t enough. Sometimes he wants human flesh.” That perked up everyone in the group. Suddenly we were all sitting a little straighter and paying attention.

“What parts does he like to eat the most?” Josie asked and the ranger gave her an odd look.

“Uh, I don’t know. The meaty parts I guess.”

“The meaty parts?” She said with a scoff. “The tongue and heart are the absolute best,” she said before closing her eyes with a soft sigh, her tongue running over her lips.

The campground manager took that as her cue to pack up the rest of her s’more materials and get the fuck out of there. She waddled off with her arms full, not even bothering to say goodbye to me. And here I thought we were friends.

“Uh, wow,” the ranger said with a nervous chuckle as he looked around at several others nodding their heads in agreement with Josie's hot take on the human tongue. “Where y’all say you're from again?”

Stein suddenly emerged from the shadows.

“We didn’t,” he said flatly, staring the ranger down. The ranger jumped out of his chair.

“Well, that’s about it for the story. Got to go check on some uh, forest fires,” he blurted out.

“There’s a fire?” Someone asked.

“Nope and we like keeping it that way,” he chuckled, moving towards his golf cart.

“I wanted to hear more about Mothman,” I said, pouting as he drove away, kicking up rocks as he floored it.

After that, I decided to explore in the dark where I could get some alone time. I wandered into the woods and once I couldn’t hear anyone I unzipped my pants and held my cock, pissing against a tree with a relieved sigh. I heard some shuffling in the trees and eyed the dark woods as I continued to mark the tree. There was a flash of red and a buzzing in my head that grew so loud I hissed and grabbed my ears.

Then it was gone. The woods were oddly quiet for a moment before the bugs and wildlife turned back on.

“What the fuck?” I asked, shoving my cock in my pants and stomping into the woods. I heard shuffling.

“If you want to watch me piss you should do it closer, better view of my cock,” I snapped out as I stood in place. Two eyes blinked at me, glowing. They were close to the ground and a moment later a raccoon came closer, chittering.

“You little fuckhead,” I sighed. Suddenly it launched at me as fast as it could and I yelled and ran. “What the hell!” I screamed over my shoulder, watching as he chased after me. I stumbled in the dark, my boots snagging on exposed tree roots on the hiking path until I took a turn and nearly fell into a river.

“Shit,” I hissed, jerking back and catching my breath. I looked behind me but it appeared I’d lost the raccoon a while back. I should have let the little fucker just kill itself by touching me. Turning around, I eyed the water as I panted in my mask. It was hot out and I was sweating in my head-to-toe dark clothing. I took one last deep breath and then looked around, perking up my ears too. I couldn’t see or hear anyone at all.

“Hello!” I called out, just to make sure. When nobody responded I ripped my mask off and tossed it to the ground. My green hair tumbled down to my waist and I took a deep breath of fresh air before kicking off my boots.

As I removed my gloves, double layer of shirts, and started to tug off my pants and underwear in one go, I got the unnerving sensation of eyes on me. I looked into the woods on the opposite side of the river, narrowing my eyes.

“Hello!” I called out again but nothing happened. “Well, whatever,” I said with a shrug, peeling off the last of my clothing until my pale skin was glowing in the moonlight. I ran and leapt into the water then came up screaming because it was a lot colder than I expected.

I thrashed a bit and cursed but quickly stopped when I thought I heard something in the woods, near the patch I’d been eyeing before. I went still in the water, floating quietly and waiting for something to happen. It still felt like I was being watched but when, again, I saw nor heard anything I pushed it off. I wasn’t used to being in the open or in the woods. There was something creepy about it.

My eyes scanned the dark woods hugging the river. My gaze kept being pulled back to that one patch on the other side and I shuddered.

“I’m being paranoid,” I grumbled, leaning into the water to float on my back. The moon glowed down on my body. The water was dark and my pale skin stood out. My long hair fanned out as I waved my hands in the water, keeping myself afloat.

My ears were submerged in the water, making the sounds of the forest muffled. I felt the paranoia slip away as I relaxed. After a while I started to get tired and got out, swimming back upstream a bit to where I left my clothes. As soon as I was naked and dripping on the shore, I realized something was off.

I’d left my clothes in a neat pile on top of my boots. My eyes tipped up to the woods and I scanned the area with a glare. Something had fucked with my clothes. They were scattered around, and the Mothman cock sucking shirt was spread out on the ground like a person had wanted to read what it said.

It had to be the raccoon, right? I convinced myself that was the most likely situation and collected my clothes. Except my underwear was gone.

“Motherfucker,” I sighed, cringing as I pulled up my jeans over my wet balls and delicately zipped them in. I groaned, pulling on the rest of my clothes, and headed back towards the campground, walking bowed-legged to avoid chafing. I’m sure I looked like a circus act, probably the raccoon’s aim. Because it had to be the raccoon. If it wasn’t the raccoon…I recalled the way my head had buzzed earlier. It was either a brain tumor or something supernatural. Basilisks didn’t get brain tumors though. I might not be immortal like my phoenix relatives but I was immune to illnesses and sort of everlasting. As long as no one shanked me repeatedly I’d be living a long, fucked up life.

All this meant something supernatural was in the woods with me at some point.

I grumbled, not liking the idea that someone from camp was possibly sneaking out here to watch. I mean, why should they get all the entertainment? The least they could do is put on a little show for me as well. Did they never stop to think I had needs too? Actually, that might be what scared them into hiding. My needs being met would result in their death.

I laughed loudly, scaring the wildlife as I made it back to camp and crawled into my tent. Quickly, I pulled off all my clothes and laid on top of my sleeping back to finish drying as I fell asleep.

Chapter Three


The summer was prime time to watch humans because they flocked to the campgrounds and hiking trails. A particularly big group had come to the New River Campground. There was something off about the bunch. Almost all of them cackled maniacally even at the most random of times. Half of them were constantly murmuring to no one. A few kept licking the plants and wildlife.

I’d been hanging around, hoping to see a couple of them fucking up against trees. Humans rutting in nature always gave me a thrill. No luck so far until one wandered away from the rest, taking a late-night hike into the woods alone.

Which was a weird choice. The poor guy probably wasn’t too bright but intelligence wasn’t a feature that concerned my dick, thankfully. What concerned my dick was he was wearing a shirt talking about sucking me off. And so I followed closely. When he whipped out his cock to piss I attempted to get closer to take a not-so-innocent peep.

Unfortunately, I stepped on a branch. Rookie mistake for an experienced stalker. He tore into the woods, sending my heart into my throat. Who chases after weird noises in the woods? This guy apparently. My wings spread and I lifted up into the tree quickly, looking down at him stomping around.

“If you want to watch me piss you should do it closer, better view of my cock,” he snapped. It was hard to tell from his tone if that was a genuine offer. Either way, humans had the tendency to run screaming when they saw me so I’d have to plan this out. The key was cornering frightened animals so the option of escape wasn’t even a possibility. I’d need to corner this man and remove the potential escape. Then I could talk to him a little. Make his dreams come true if his shirt was any indicator of his life goals.

Suddenly he took off screaming and I sighed, thinking he noticed me in the tree.

“What the hell!” He wailed as I watched him run from a raccoon.

So, he was an idiot. So what? I didn’t want to do math with him.

I swept up into the air, moving fast above the treeline, and headed towards the river, plopping down on the opposite side the man was on. I slipped a cigarette into my mouth and quickly lit it. The man peeled off his mask and I nearly swallowed the cigarette whole. I had to muddle my coughs behind my hands, my eyes watering as he glared directly at where I was sitting, trying not to die as coughs shook my body.

“Hello?” He called out then shrugged and stripped. You couldn’t offer me anything to look away. My hands shoved into my pockets to blindly find my notebook and pen. I had two types I preferred. One was busty women with thick thighs and a plentiful ass. The other was long-haired men with pretty faces and cruel eyes.

I had no idea how I’d gotten so lucky that he was of the latter and was walking around with a shirt claiming he sucked my cock. The man was downright ethereal, the moonlight making his skin nearly glow and I felt drawn into the brightness. My eyes feasted on the sight of him bobbing in the water. He was leanly muscled, his abs ending and then a patch of green hair before his dick started.

A natural green, who would have thought the carpet matched the drapes? He closed his eyes and slowly drifted a bit downstream. Fish and eels started to float up to the surface, dead in his wake. That was…alarming.

I flung myself into the sky and darted to his clothes. I peeled off my hat and my antennae unfurled, sliding across his clothes to taste his lingering scent. I spread out the Mothman shirt and a laugh rumbled in my chest.

Then I pocketed his underwear, shoving it down in my duster pockets as I then hurried into the woods because he was already coming back. I watched him ascend from the water, rivulets curling around his muscles and dripping off the tip of his cock as he glared into the woods. Ah fuck, he knows I messed with his clothes. After a moment he collected his clothes, cursed when he couldn’t find the underwear and got dressed. He shoved the mask back on and I looked at him curiously, trying to figure him out.

Why the fuck did he wear so much? Was he famous and had to hide? I could see him being a musician. I liked musicians.

I followed him walking back to camp while I thought. Perhaps he was onto something. If I dressed up like him, there was a chance I could wander around humans. The problem was finding a mask and also the fact I was seven foot and that my eyes glowed.

The man stumbled into his tent, zipping it up. I waited around, drawing a series of lewd pictures in my journal to pass the time. After a long while of silence from his tent it was time. He’d likely be deep asleep so I could sneak into his tent and I don’t know, wrap my hand around his cock for a little wake-up surprise.

Chapter Four


The sound of my tent zipper woke me up. Who in their right mind would be sneaking into my tent was beyond me. Then again, none of us were in our right mind. This could be interesting. I recalled Stein telling me not to kill anyone and grimaced. God, I hated doing the right thing but Stein being pissed would mean I’d get punished back at Verfallen. He’d likely make me drink the rat milkshakes normally reserved for naughty vampires.

I snapped up quickly as the person was zipping the tent closed again. Immediately I remembered I was entirely nude—no mask, no gloves, just one hundred percent exposed to whoever thought jumping into my tent was a good idea. Great.

I backpedaled, trying to put distance between us so the bastard didn’t kill himself by accident. I hadn’t the slightest clue who the fuck this was. They were wearing some type of cowboy hat and dark duster.

“What the fuck,” I mouthed under my breath in confusion.

My movement and talking had them jerking around and I was suddenly speechless. Round, red glowing eyes blinked at me. A small hum was in my head like a TV playing static. The rest of his features were too dark to see. His face looked sort of like a furry void with two round glowing eyes.

He held up his hands to calm me down and I saw they were as dark as his face and ended with claws.

“What the fuck,” I said again, pronouncing each word loud and clear. He reached for his coat pockets and I watched as he slowly pulled out a notebook. To be honest, I expected a gun, so that was sort of anticlimactic.

“This keeps getting weirder. Look uh, oh fuck—” I said as it finally hit me. “You’re Mothman!” I thrust a finger at him and laughed, a smile stretching over my face.

He looked up from flipping his notebook and nodded animatedly at me. I gave another laugh then my eyes veered down to the page he had landed on. It was a drawing of me…sucking his cock. My eyes darted up to him, his red eyes darted to the drawing and saw what I’d seen. Mothman looked back up at me and shrugged.

“Right,” I said, realizing what this was. “The shirt was a joke. This little, middle of the night drop-in was enlightening but I’m not interested in that,” I said motioning toward his drawing. Mothman turned his head to the side like a dog trying to understand. Then he pointed at my cock which just happened to have grown hard for no particular reason.

“It does that sometimes,” I said and he smiled, his wide mouth splitting open to show a row of blunt teeth. He shifted closer and my heart thudded in my chest. I kicked out at the sleeping bags beneath me, trying to get as far away from him as I could. I did not want to hide a dead body tonight and there would be something tragic about murdering some ancient monster worshiped by an entire town. I mean, not tragic enough to shed a tear, but I’d feel a little ashamed about it.

“Back up!” I hissed through my teeth. He went still and sat back again, his round eyes narrowing at me. He flipped a few pages and showed me another drawing, this time of him straight up fucking me.

“That is definitely not happening,” I said. He flipped to a new page and began writing then held up the notebook.

Because I’m a monster or a man?” He had written. Guess he couldn’t talk.

“Because I’d never bottom,” I said with a snort, awkwardly looking down at my hardon that had absolutely nothing to do with the drawings. Mothman perked up and started writing frantically.

“Look,” I sighed. “This can’t happen at all. You seem like a vaguely nice creepy as fuck… thing. I’d totally let you go down on me if it were possible. I mean a mouth is a mouth,” I mused, thinking about that for a moment. Mothman looked up at me while I talked then scratched out whatever he wrote and started something new.

I don’t have a good tongue for that,” he’d written with a sad face drawn in. Above those words were the scratched-out ones that I could still read. “Anal is nothing to be scared about. I can teach y” Then it ended and he’d put a few scratches over it. I blinked slowly and looked at him. A long thin tongue unrolled from his mouth.

“Jesus Christ!” I yelled in shock. Mothman launched himself at me in a panic, tackling me on my back and covering my mouth with his hand.

“Fuck!” I cursed behind his hand. He smelled like leather, smoke, and something indescribable. His body was huge even compared to mine. I felt the press of his knee between my thighs, nestled up against my balls and spreading my ass a little. I squirmed, my cock jerking. Two large red eyes glowed down at me as he kept me pinned to the ground, the rough skin of one hand against my mouth, the other wrapped around my arm. I shuddered from all the touching, my cock growing even harder from a living person against me.

I was pissed I just killed the Mothman. I ripped his hand from my mouth and glared at him. This asshole just made my night a trainwreck.

“There’s no way I’m getting caught with your body in here. I’ll just have to bury you in the woods or drag you to the river, or…why aren’t you dead yet?” I asked as I felt his knee dig harder between my legs, grinding against my ass. He tilted his head to the side, looking at me quizzically.

“I’m venomous. I…how are you not dead?” I asked in shock. “Everyone who touches me dies.” Without getting off me, he leaned over and pulled his notebook and pen close, scribbling something in it on the ground before holding it up to me.

“I’m not from this world, your toxins and medicines don’t affect me the same.”

I read the sentence five times, speechless. One, because he wasn’t dead. Two, he was a fucking alien? He set the notebook aside and pushed his fingers into my hair, his dull claws scratching at my scalp. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I groaned. He kept petting my hair and scratching my scalp and I didn’t stop him. It felt amazing and he seemed really fond of my hair. He wrapped it around his fist and then tugged on it hard while his other hand began to dance its way down to my ass.

“Hey!” I snapped. This was not going down the way he thought it was. Since he had tugged my hair I snatched his hat as retribution and to stop his fingers from their vacation down south. Two antennae unfurled on his head but I was distracted by his eyes blazing in fury. He made an angry growl, his hand leaving my hair and wrapping around my neck.

“You fucker,” I hissed and we started to wrestle. Him trying to get his hat and me trying to get out from under him. I didn’t care how hard my cock was and that it had started to leak as his fingers started to head for my ass. That wasn’t me. I wasn’t going to have Mothman take my ass virginity because he gave me head scratches. Somehow though, I ended up flat on my belly and him on top of me, a belt digging into my back as he snatched his hat from my hands.

“I’m not doing anal,” I growled over my shoulder. He sighed in annoyance but showed me a thumbs up and nodded solemnly. “Good, now get off me.” He did not get off me, instead, he undid his belt and pulled out his cock. Something I was very aware of because I felt it settle into the crease of my ass.

“What are you doing?” I asked with suspicion over my shoulder. Mothman pressed his finger to my mouth in the universal sign for “shut the hell up” before he rolled us onto our sides and his hand slid down my body and wrapped around my cock.

“Oh,” I rasped. He gripped me tightly and dragged his fist up my length, making me shudder and gasp. I’d never had anyone touch me. It was making my mind blank out. I barely even noticed at first when he started thrusting against my ass, his cock rubbing between my cheeks. Nope, didn’t notice at all and my cock most certainly didn’t jerk and I definitely didn’t moan.

He groaned against me. It felt like another form of touch as the vibrations moved across my skin. Soft fur brushed me from shoulders down. It tickled slightly, eliciting even more nerve endings to life. I sucked in a breath, my body feeling stimulated beyond belief. I couldn’t believe this was really happening. I felt high from all the contact and closeness. It was more intimate than I had imagined this sort of thing would be but how could I have imagined this in particular? Soft groans in my tent, fur tickling my skin, a large, warm hand fisting my leaking erection.

Mothman’s hand twisted around the head of my cock before sliding back down. I could feel it in the base of my spine. My balls drew up and my hips lifted slightly as he ground against my ass, sliding between my cheeks.

His cock had leaked enough that the friction was smooth, the tip prodded my hole a moment before he moved past it, thrusting against me.

“Shit,” I huffed as his free hand moved back into my hair, scratching at my scalp. I fucking whimpered, it was pathetic. He pressed at my entrance again.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” I hissed between my teeth and he chuckled deeply before giving up teasing penetration and ground against me, over and over. I felt sweaty and overstimulated and I was going to come.

His hand moved faster, in time with his hips. The buzzing in my head since he arrived was still there, a background static to groans and deep breaths. He shuddered and a rumbling groan pressed on me as I felt something warm and wet release on my back. My cock jerked and then I was spilling.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I groaned as his hand worked me slowly through the orgasm.

Chapter Five


Sleep didn’t come easy when Basil Fury was loudly masturbating in the tent beside mine. Sometimes I thought I heard the groans of someone else in tandem with his. Clearly, a delusion from lack of sleep because the only other option was he opened a Hell portal in his tent and was fucking a demon. The groans were rather deep, demonic even. Too bad there were no such things as portals to Hell and even if there were, Basil didn’t have the know-how to open one.

Perhaps he was possessed.

“Shit,” Basil huffed. I stared at the ceiling of my tent blankly, hoping it would end soon.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” he hissed. I know Basil didn’t like taking the antipsychotics but I was going to suggest them again.

The double groans continued loudly, the sound of a sleeping bag being kicked around, and sharp inhales until…

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he groaned and I heaved a sigh of relief. It was over, finally.

"It's sweet!" Basil yelled. He paused for a moment. "Of course, I tasted it. Hey!" I heard shuffling in the tent and grunts of some type of struggle. Maybe he was too far gone for antipsychotics and should be relocated to the basement.

"Ha ha!" Baz laughed triumphantly. "This time you're below me. Wait, what are you doing?" He rasped before letting out a long, groaned curse. Some loud panting found its way to my ears.

"Your hand is massive to be able to fit around both our cocks," Basil said with heavy breaths. Slowly I pressed my fingers to my ears. At least then the disturbing noises were muffled.

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