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Dullahan’s Head

Author Notes: Bonus scene for Flawed Creatures that takes place sometime shortly after the end of the book. There is size difference, Dullahan's detached head during nsfw times, rough sex, and dubious pussy licking.


It was Christmas Eve and naturally, that meant the casino was even more glorious than usual. The number of lights I’d decorated the place with had caused frequent outages in the other casinos nearby. What a shame that guided all their patrons to Plutus, I thought with a wide smile.

I was having a party, naturally, and had consumed more eggnog, wassail, and hot buttered rum than anyone had any right to. The Santa Claus I’d hired was stumbling about the casino drunkenly offering to spank anyone who kept making naughty bets. It encouraged many to gamble more, red-faced and sloshed, hoping for a hard slap to their ass in the guise of a joke.

The man spread out across Santa’s drunken lap right now was having a hard time maintaining the “it’s a joke” facade as he writhed on red velvet pants and bit back a moan. Something his wife seemed to struggle to understand. She looked very confused and kept asking her husband if he was okay.

Santa laughed, I laughed, we all laughed.

I was drunk.

However, my head wasn’t actually spinning until one dangerously attractive incubus slid into the room. The raucous laughter died down and people turned their heads to the casino’s entryway. He was clothed in the most sinful red and black suit I’d ever seen. A Christmas gift from me. It was made of silk and practically glowed under all the line lights strung up. He was mouthwatering and his red eyes drank me in from across the room. He’d found me immediately. It was hard to miss a rainbow-haired goddess dripping in gold and wearing a pink floor-length gown decorated with crystals.

I’d probably put a little too much gold on but I’d been informed Dullahan wasn’t going to be here so I went a little wild with it. I think I may have cackled alone in my room while I snatched handfuls from my iron safe.

The casino held its collective breath and leaned towards Lorcan as he slid into the room. His red eyes never left me, holding me captive as they began to swirl. They were hypnotic but I didn’t mind being dragged in and held down by his attention. I couldn’t wait for his body to hold me down as well.

He brushed the back of his fingers down my arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps. It was pointless to fight against his draw. I let my body lean into him, melting against his body wrapped in all that delicious smooth red silk. His lips were salacious things no one could ignore. It was impossible not to imagine those lips in other places, his forked tongue flicking out.

“Lacey,” he chuckled, gripping my arms and trying to hold me steady as I stumbled into him and attempted to shove my tongue in his mouth.

“Lorcan,” I sighed.

“You’re drunk,” he commented. I sighed and gave up kissing him. I realized the room was boisterous again, people trying to move on from the sexy distraction despite continuing to shoot sideway glances at Lorcan.

Everyone knew about The Day of Lust—as it was now dubbed. No one really knew why it happened though.

They also had no idea it was going to happen again.

Lorcan said he could feel it collecting inside him. A power that hummed under his skin and would need to be released. He anticipated it might happen on the very anniversary of the first time. It seemed Neo Atlantis was going to be in for a treat. A regular, reliable holiday of lust. This time around we’d at least try to warn them so that no one was running through hundred-year storms to find their fuckbuddies and mates.

“Come on,” Lorcan said. His soft command sounded like a purr to my ears. Around us was a blur as he dragged me from the room. The only thing I could do was gape at him, my fingers sliding across his chest and arms. He pulled me into the elevator and I pushed him. He gave a grunt as he fell against the wall. I eyed his body from head to toe.

“Lacey,” he growled, his nostrils flaring as he smelled my lust. His horns and demonic eyes were now permanently on display but his tattoos began to crawl up the collar of his neck. My body pressed his against the wall, my breasts pushing hard against his chest. My hands slid behind him, my fingers digging into his ass.

His red and black eyes swirled hypnotically, a look of pure hunger on his face. He finally let me kiss him, groaning as I opened our mouths. His tongue flicked against mine as I rubbed my chest against his, my pebbled nipples tingling with electric heat. One of his hands came up as if he knew what I felt, taking a big handful of my breast and gripping it tight enough to make me gasp into his mouth.

Lorcan groaned while sliding his mouth down my neck, his tongue flicking across my skin, eliciting heat and pleasure until his fingers dug into my dress and roughly tugged the fabric down, exposing my chest.

“Delicious,” he murmured before sucking a nipple into his mouth. My hands left his ass and went into his hair then around his horns. He moaned and thrust against my thigh as his teeth gently scraped my nipple.

His hand was grabbing at my dress, trying to lift the fabric when the elevator door dinged open.

“Well, that’s a tempting sight,” Puca purred. I looked at the condo entryway and then looked down. A black puppy with ears far too long and paws far too big sat there with a red bow on its head.

“What is this?” I asked, a laugh popping from my mouth. I stumbled away from Lorcan, my attention span horrible even with pleasure barking at my heels. I crouched beside puppy Puca, his golden eyes glowed in the dim living room. The only light was rainbow string lights around the white Christmas tree.

“I’m a puppy,” he said in delight. I laughed and scratched his neck. His leg began to thump up and down as his tail swished.

“Fuck,” he hissed. “This is why I hate being a dog.” I laughed and picked him up, holding him in front of me.

“Are you giving yourself to me for Christmas?” I asked. “A perverted dog is teetering into ironic.” I tucked him under my arm and began to stumble to my bedroom. I was suddenly exhausted and I needed to get this gold off before Dullahan came back.

It was a blur though. My last drinks were catching up. At some point, Puca and Lorcan had pulled the rest of my gold off and put it safely away. Then I was in bed, drifting in and out of consciousness. Two bodies leaned over me in bed. One with glowing gold eyes and the other with red and black that swirled.

My eyes closed and I felt two different mouths press to my cheeks.

“Goodnight, love,” Puca said before I drifted asleep.

My dreams involved me on a carousel, flashing lights and spinning colors until finally it calmed down and my incubus came to me in clouds of red smoke and desire, licking between my legs until I woke up in the morning still groaning.

I woke up feeling well-rested and chipper because I didn’t get hangovers. A cat sat in the middle of my chest, blinking at me.

“You always moan in your sleep,” it said. I shot him a sly smile. Lorcan and I kept our dreams a private thing. It was fun having a harmless secret. The cat stretched out flat on his belly and stretched his arms forward so they were on either side of my face. Then he shifted to a man, an entirely naked man.

Puca smiled down at me with a wide smile that always looked nefarious. I felt his cock grow hard against my thigh and raised an eyebrow.

“Let’s see just how good your dream was,” he murmured while leaning in, his lips feathering against mine as he talked. His tongue darted out over his lips, wetting mine in the process as well. A hum rumbled from his mouth as his hands found their way under the blanket and between my legs. Fingers glided over my wetness.

“A very good dream then,” he rasped, sinking his teeth into my lip enough to give a little sting. He licked the spot as if tending a wound. I think secretly he hoped to taste any blood he might have drawn. Two of his fingers brushed my soaking entrance before pushing in. I groaned, my legs spreading.

My door flew open and Lorcan stood there looking completely ready to start the day even though I knew he’d only woke up a few minutes ago.

“We need to go, now,” he said.

“In a few minutes,” Puca rasped against my mouth, tearing the blanket off my naked body and grasping his cock in his hand. Lorcan came to the side of the bed, glaring. Puca moved between my legs, his cock settling at my entrance and pushing in ever so slowly. He gave a loud groan as his cock disappeared inside me, slowly spreading me out. Goosebumps appeared over my arms as Lorcan’s eyes swirled and Puca’s body invaded mine.

“We need to go,” Lorcan said. I watched his throat bob as he watched Puca lean forward and bite my breast. My back arched and I moaned.

“Go where?” I rasped.

“Zombies have cropped up again,” he said. “Dullahan called, he’s been following them hoping they lead to Remington.”

“Fuck,” Puca growled, baring his teeth as he pulled out of me and stomped away in anger. My eyes flipped to Lorcan and I spread my legs wider in clear invitation. His throat bobbed again and I felt invisible power brush the tips of my nipples.

“We need to go,” he said and fled the room swiftly.

“Men,” I sighed.

A half-hour later I was rolling up on my bike to the southeast district. I pulled into an unused alleyway and parked against the building wall. The street vendor eyed me as I sauntered out, then looked over his shoulder at the bike.

“I wouldn’t leave that there. It’ll get stolen.” I leaned forward and eyed the banana cue—a Filipino treat of deep-fried bananas covered in caramelized sugar. The smell nearly made me groan. I paid for one and the vendor eyed me as I grabbed the skewer and took a bite.

“I won’t watch your bike,” he said. I smiled.

“I don’t expect you to,” I responded before walking off. The man muttered under his breath and rolled his eyes. He thought I was stupid but he didn’t know I was Lady Luck. My heeled boots clapped against the street as I crossed it, pushing into the thick weekday street market. My eyes roamed over the glowing neon signs in reds and blues as I pushed through the heavy foot traffic.

By the time I’d finished my treat, I’d found the place I wanted. A red neon sign glowed. It was a hole-in-the-wall saloon reminiscent of the western United States during the era of expansion. Puca and Lorcan had gone off to meet up with Dullahan and take out a few zombies. I’d told them I’d catch up and didn’t explain further. I just had a hunch I should come here and I took it.

I pushed through the wooden doors. They swung open and then closed back behind me, dancing back and forth on their hinges. The room was dim and it took my eyes a moment to adjust. The sound of an ill-tuned piano played something jaunty and old-timey. The scent of cigars was poignant and I could tell they were the cheap kind from the faint whiff of ammonia that was absent in better cigars.

My lips curled slightly and I strode forward, my hips swaying as my heels maneuvered the wooden floor sprinkled with knocked-over glasses and chairs. The place was a mess. Some of the patrons were curled up on the floor near the walls, sleeping off their drunken brawl until they could wake up and keep the bar in business. Blue and purple bruises littered faces that were also decorated with the occasional split lip and bloody nose.

The piano was a self-playing upright next to the bar, currently performing The Entertainer. Every fifth note of the song was either too flat or too sharp. It was the only sound other than my heels. The bartender was asleep on the bar until I stepped up and began tapping my nails on the counter.

He groaned as he came to, rubbing at his unshaven face and looking up at me with squinted eyes through dirty glasses. He peeled his glasses off and fetched a dirty cloth from beneath the bar to clean them with. The only thing he accomplished was moving the smudges around but it did the job well enough that when he put his glasses back on he had to control his reaction to all the jewelry I was wearing.

He cleared his throat.

“Taps dry, all we have is top shelf,” he said. I looked behind him, saw the tap literally dripping cold beer, and could see a selection of cheap ass liquor on the shelves. Only have top shelf my ass.

“Really,” I drew out in disbelief.

“Yeah, sorry ‘bout that.” He cleared his throat again and finally stood up from his stool, He pushed his thumbs into his suspenders and rocked on his shoes. “I suggest the uhh,” he darted a look at a dusty area of the shelf, “Grey Goose.”

“That’s your top shelf?” I asked. “Look, I’m here for Remington.” He gave me a blank look. “He’s an honest to god cowboy that looks like he’s been plucked from the 1800s, smell and all.”

“Don’t ring a bell,” the bartender said, grabbing the dirty towel and rubbing circles on the countertop. I think he was making it dirtier. Perhaps that was the charm people came here for, I thought with sarcastic distaste.

“Bullshit,” I said.

“Lot of cowboys in here miss,” he said, leaning forward a little and looking me in the eye. “That’s sort of the point,” he said. We stared each other down. My lips pressed together tightly as I fought with being the first one to blink.

“Fuck,” I hissed, tearing my gaze away. “Get me the Grey Goose.” He smiled and nodded, grabbing the bottle and pouring me a double shot. I slapped cash on the counter and his eyes bugged a little but he said nothing as he quickly swiped it up and shoved it into his apron instead of the old-timey register with round, typewriter keys. Guess I wasn’t getting change.

I snatched up the drink and flung it back. It hit the back of my throat before I swallowed it down, trying to taste as little of it as possible. I slammed it back on the counter and he fumbled trying to pour me another one fast. I covered the glass with my hand, my platinum rings clinking against it.

“Where’s Remington?” I asked. The bartender grunted but cast a look upwards and to the left. I peered up. There was a second floor I hadn’t even noticed before, complete with a walkway with a railing. There were three closed doors.

Apparently, this place rented rooms as well. I could only imagine for what. Also, I didn’t have to imagine for long because as soon as I was up the stairs and flinging open the first door I saw a naked woman bouncing up and down on Remington’s cock.

“Good thing I haven’t eaten yet,” I said, wandering in and leaning against the wall with my arms crossed.

“Should I stop?” She asked him, looking between us. He rolled his eyes and pushed her off.

“Like I could keep an erection with her in the room,” he grumbled, getting up from the bed. The girl slowly grabbed at her clothes and pretended it took hours to get her clothes back on so she could eavesdrop. Remington bent over, showing me his full ass as he tugged his pants on.

“Charming,” I said and he chuckled. After his pants were on he didn’t bother with anything else. Just turned around shirtless and stared at the woman eyeing us both as she very slowly pulled her shirt on. I decided to ignore her.

“You’re supposed to be gone,” I said.

“Okay, boss,” he joked, his eyes slowly moving away from the woman and back to me. He smiled smarmily. “Is that why you interrupted a good fuck?”

“Hardly looked good,” I sighed. “Stop making fucking zombies, Remington.”

“Or what?” He asked with a chuckle. “You gonna shoot me again?” He joked.

“Fuck off. Is there no decency in you?”

“I don’t know. Hey Sophie, you plan on putting a couple fingers in my ass?” He asked her. Her eyes darted between us and she stayed quiet as she “accidentally” dropped her pants for the third time before slowly pushing her foot into one leg.

“Crass, as always,” I said smoothly. “I’m sure there’s a lot of ways we could make you uncomfortable. I’m always up for a challenge of creativity. Tell me, what do you think would happen if you were eaten alive by a tiger?” I blew out a breath and shook my head. Remington shot me an angry look.

“I’m leaving as soon as I can. The Council is watching the ports for me.”

“Stop with the fucking zombies in the meantime then. Dullahan thinks it's his civic duty to kill them and it’s making us all very grumpy. And when I’m grumpy, bad shit happens to those making me feel that way.”

“You are always such a delightful bitch, Lacey,” he said without amusement.

“Stop the zombies,” I said again. The fucker wouldn’t agree to it but I wasn’t leaving until I heard it from his mouth. He ground his jaw and stared at the wall beside me.

“It’s not that easy,” he finally spat out. I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“Of course, it’s fucking not. Look, I’ll get you off the island.”

“Zombies?” The girl asked. We both looked at her. Her eyes darted between us. “You…make zombies? What does that mean?” Remington slowly slid his eyes back to me, a slow smile crawling up his face. He looked downright evil.

“You’ll see what I mean in a second, Lacey Luck,” he said with humor, plopping down in the chair next to the bed and pulling his boots on. And he was right because before my eyes I watched the girl fall to her knees and start gasping and groaning until she fell over dead.

“You have got to be shitting me,” I said as her fingers twitched and a long, low groan came from her mouth. Pale yellow eyes shifted around as her skin grew gray.

The smell of Remington’s nasty cigarillos tickled my nose and I looked over to see him slouched in the chair, blowing out a thick cloud as he watched the girl crawl around dumbly.

“Sexually transmitted zombiism. Fucking perfect,” I said in distaste. “Can’t you keep it in your pants?” I stomped from the room as I heard the low, raspy chuckle of Remington join up with the deep moans of the new zombie. I wondered briefly if he had to fuck everyone to make them a zombie and laughed, imagining him lining up people and taking a few pumps in each person.

As I was walking towards the doors downstairs, Remington leaned over the railing.

“You said you’d get me off Neo Atlantis?” He asked and I stopped and looked up at him.

“I’ll get something lined up as soon as I can.”

“How can I trust you?” He asked.

“You can’t,” I said. He stared at me as he took another drag of his smoke and blew it back out.

“But you don’t have a choice,” I said. “I’ll send Puca after you. He’s always hungry,” I threatened. Remington’s eyes were blank, expressionless voids as he gave me a half smile. He didn’t respond, just turned and went back into his room.

“Asshole,” I hissed under my breath before leaving. I had the feeling he wasn’t going to take me up on my offer to get him off the island. He probably shouldn’t because I could care less if the Council got their hands on him and he knew that too. The only favor I was willing to give him was a swift kick in the ass.

I wasn’t lying though, I would start getting mean. Which was annoying. I had better things to do with my time than torture an unkillable, asshole necromancer.

I waved at the banana cue vendor as I strode back into the alley for my bike. He frowned, seeming unhappy he’d been wrong about my bike getting stolen.

“It was okay this time, next time it won’t be,” he told me. I hummed in response then revved the beast to life and shot off. The zombies weren’t far and before I knew it I was parking and walking around again, slipping between buildings and darting around until I found the place I was looking for. The guys could handle zombies with no problem, I wasn’t worried about them at all.

That is until I pushed into the empty storehouse and saw Puca clutching Dullahan’s head in his hands. I screamed, a blood-curdling sound. Puca shifted around still holding Dullahans head by the hair as if it was a lunch pack. Lorcan shot the last zombie before swiveling around with wide eyes.

“Lacey!” Lorcan said. “It’s okay.” I kept screaming and Puca sighed.

“Is this what’s freaking you out?” He asked, pulling his arm up to show off Dullahan’s head. He even waved it around and I watched drops of blood fling around and nearly get on my shoes. I felt bile rise up in my throat and nearly threw up the shots from earlier.

“You sick fuck,” I hissed at Puca who started to laugh wildly.

“It’d be sicker if I put my cock in his mouth, don’t you think?” He asked with a wide smile.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I hissed, feeling my eyes start to sting.

“Love, it’s fine,” I heard the gruff voice of Dullahan say. Puca raised the head higher and I finally looked directly at it. Dullahan’s severed head smiled. Then his body came stomping from the side—I hadn’t noticed it. He was big, muscled, and his spine whip was dragging across the concrete floor. He stomped up to Puca and took his head back, slapping it back onto his neck. Shadow thread weaved like stitches around his throat before disappearing, leaving only the scar I was used to seeing.

“Christ,” I hissed. Dullahan wrapped his spine whip around his fist and then reached behind him. When his hand came back out the weapon was gone and he was stomping towards me, pulling me in his arms. I was shaking a little, I realized. I didn’t know why it had freaked me out so much. I’d seen him without a head before but his head vanished at that time. I’d never seen it being held like a picnic basket at the beach.

“It’s okay,” he said even though I didn’t ask for comfort. I generally didn’t. None of us did. Dullahan still knew when we needed it though. I settled against his body, breathing in his scent. It was marred with the smell of decaying flesh from the zombies.

“That was the second worst thing I’ve seen today,” I sighed, pulling back.

“What was the first?” He asked with entertainment, his striking green eyes twinkling down at me.

“Remington naked,” I said.

“What was that?” Puca asked, suddenly serious. He slid beside me as we all pushed from the building to leave and go back home. I didn’t answer him at first, it was cute watching him get territorial when it involved people outside our little polycule.

“Lacey,” he said, smiling wickedly. “You need to tell me what that means.” His golden eyes seemed to flare brighter. The teeth in his mouth elongated into sharp points. He was struggling to control his form. So cute.

“I found Remi and reminded him his welcome was overstayed. He was holed up in a saloon fucking some poor woman,” I informed them. Puca instantly regained his composure and slipped back into apathy about Remington.

I couldn’t get the look of Dullahan’s head out of my mind. I was curious about him. His powers were more peculiar than the rest of ours.

When Puca and Lorcan went out, I slipped across the hall to Dullahan’s personal room, looking to pull more information from him about what he could do. I heard the sound of something wet and rhythmic that made me hold off on knocking. The door was cracked open and I peered inside.

Dullahan was sitting on the edge of the bed, his thick thighs spread open. He was entirely naked, his wide chest and abs on display. On his neck, there was nothing but empty space and that was because his heavily tattooed arms were holding his decapitated head in his lap.

I watched in shock as his tongue licked up his own cock, traversing over the piercings in a sloppy line to the tip. My hand pressed to my mouth to keep from gasping as I watched his lips stretch over his own girth. Dullahan shoved his head down on his cock rough and fast. I could hear him moaning around his own cock as he used his mouth like a fuck toy. Up and down, he forced himself to swallow down to the base over and over.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed the door open further and slowly stepped into the room. How on earth was this just now something I was becoming aware of? As I walked to the bed, his eyes flicked over to take me in. I swallowed thickly as I watched him slowly pull his head off his cock. His tongue left a thick spit trail as it went.

Instead of putting his head back on his neck, he set it on the nightstand. The headless giant flicked his fingers, commanding me closer. I swallowed and did as he asked, staring at the space where his head should be. When I got to him he surprised me by pulling me into his lap roughly. The press of his massive hard cock was heavy against my back as his hands grabbed my thighs and spread me open.

“Oh,” I gasped. He didn’t say a word. My eyes flicked to his head. It sat there silently, watching us. It felt strange and unreal. Dullahan’s large hands pulled at my clothes, tugging them off roughly as if he were a brute until I was naked in his lap. His hands spread me wide open for his silent head to watch. I shivered as his eyes bore into my wet cunt.

“Say something,” I said. His eyes flicked to mine but he remained silent, making me shudder. This felt different than the other times we’d been together—where he softly took me, gently easing his cock into me or burying his face between my thighs and slowly licking until I went mad.

This time felt detached, much like the state of his head. I wasn’t a small woman but I felt tiny in this giant’s lap as he stretched me open wide and pressed his fingers inside me. All the while his head sat on the table and watched, his body putting on a show for his eyes. My back pressed against the wide, muscled body behind me as his fingers dove in deep and spread, stretching me out.

I couldn’t stop looking at his head while it happened. It was like being with two people at once; the headless brute behind me, roughly stretching my cunt for his massive cock. And the head on the table, silently watching as I was taken.

His eyes never veered away and his mouth never opened. He just watched, watching watching watching, as the giant made me gasp, adding another finger. I felt the burn of the stretch and my fingernails dug into his forearms as I squirmed.

Then Dullahan reached down between his legs, tugging his balls once before grabbing his cock and moving it forward. It sat fat between my thighs, jutting up in front of me. He leaned forward, snatching up his head. His eyes flicked up, looking at me as he once again sucked his own cock, gagging on it until there was a wet mess on his length and between my thighs.

Dullahan used one hand to press his cock at my entrance. It was always hard taking him. Always a struggle. Always took prep and I was a bit worried about if I had been prepped enough. Usually, I took one of the others before taking him. Sometimes I took two of them at the same time before taking Dullahan. There was none of that now. Now there was just the demanding hard length of his cock pushing into my entrance.

I gasped and my heart beat fast as I was spread around his massive girth. He kept his head pressed in our laps and I watched his tongue play with the piercings on his cock. Then his tongue slid up, swirled around my body that was stretched around his erection.

I moaned as he licked me, his mouth finally finding my clit. He lapped and sucked, relaxing me as he slowly filled me one slow centimeter at a time. Each time a piercing popped inside I groaned, the burn and stretch making me feel tested but the fullness of Dullahan inside me was exquisite.

He groaned against my cunt, eating me out as he filled me up. I cried out as another piercing pushed in. He leaned back and thrust his hips up, making all the air expel from my lungs as he forced his cock in all the way.

He held his head between my legs and licked vigorously, as if he was frantic and starving, sucking demandingly. It made pleasure curl in my gut despite being too full. When he began to pull out, piercings slid back out as he went. All I could do was moan and relax against his body as his mouth devoured me, making me forget the sting of his giant cock.

He always made sure to bring me twice as much pleasure as pain. It made me crave the burn, salivate for it, beg him to fill me all the way up.

Dullahan was testing my limits tonight but I wanted this burn. I craved it. I desired to test limits over and over. I wanted the thrill of wondering if it was too much. I wanted the extremes his body could offer me.

I flung my head back and moaned as he forced his cock into the hilt again. It ached inside me but his mouth was twice as powerful, demanding my pleasure, training me to associate the stretch and ache with pleasure.

“Fuck,” I rasped as he began to rock in and out. “Yes,” I sighed on an exhale, an orgasm starting to bloom as his massive cock worked in and out. I reached down and grabbed his head as I started to crest. He let me take it in my hands and pull him to my face. I craddled his head as I kissed him, moaning against his scarred mouth as I came on his cock. I tightened around him and he groaned into my mouth, his tongue powerful and dominating, fucking my mouth eagerly as his body rocked harder into mine now that both his hands were free.

Dullahan twisted us, pressing my face into the bed as he began taking me from behind. I held his head to mine, letting it kiss me as his body fucked me roughly. Large hands grabbed my hips and fucked into me so hard I cried out.

It was again like fucking two people at once—the giant brute carving himself inside me, and the head beside me on the pillow, his kisses comforting me as I was taken to my limits and pushed over the edge.

The harder I cried out from the force of his cock, the more his head groaned into my mouth. Finally, I couldn’t cradle his head any longer and I let go so my fingers could grip the blankets. My body rocked back on his cock just to keep my head from banging into the headboard from the force of his thrusts.

He leaned over and grabbed his head, shoving it down between my legs until I felt his tongue on my clit.

His cock was so big it was rubbing everywhere inside me, places that never felt sensation were now being rubbed relentlessly. I couldn’t take it. My forehead pressed into the pillow and I writhed as he kept fucking me. A feeling built deep inside me as he kept rubbing, over and over never stopping. I felt out of control.

His tongue still lapped between my legs and it was all so much. The stimulation was overwhelming, truly overwhelming. I wasn’t sure what I was barreling toward and it thrilled me. I rode the edge of sanity as the giant, headless brute behind me snapped his hips forward and made me take him all—made me feel the way only a cock his size could rub every spot inside me. Silent, strong, huge, and his detached head licking between my legs as he ate me up.

He jerked forward, grabbing my hips and pulling me back roughly. His cock jerked and throbbed inside me, making me feel even fuller as he came. It sent me over whatever edge I’d been balancing on.

I cried out, tears trailing from my eyes. My entire body shook as I came in an explosion of brutal pleasure forced out of me by his overwhelming body. I blacked out a moment but came back gasping as he pulled his cock out of me and his release gushed between my legs, trailing down my thighs. Finally, he grabbed his head and put it back on, laying me on my back.

“Shh, you did good, lass,” he whispered, whipping the tears from my face before he slid down between my legs. I tried to close my legs and push him away. I felt overstimulated.

“None of that now,” he growled, grabbing my wrists and pinning them down before his mouth was on me, slow and gentle over my used cunt. He licked away the ache he’d left me with and without any hurry.

It was comforting, a warm wet mouth between my legs, soothing the pain he’d given it. He wasn’t even trying to get me off until he was, his tongue sliding up to my clit and flicking, his grass-green eyes never leaving me as I writhed beneath him. I bucked and he held me down, finishing what he set out to do. I whimpered and came, my body bursting with pleasure.

Dullahan crawled up my body with a hum of delight, pulling me up to his mouth for a domineering kiss. I felt spent—wet and used, my muscles tired but relaxed. I didn’t want to move and Dullahan knew that, pulling me into his body to be cradled.

“You were a good girl, Lacey,” he whispered in my ear. “You took my cock so well. Thank you, love. I haven’t come that hard in ages,” he murmured into my ear, his arms wrapped around me as I drifted between sleep and awake.

I woke back up, not even realizing I drifted up. Lorcan was in the room. His eyes swirled as he saw us naked in bed. His nostrils flared as he smelled sex in the air. Tattoos trailed over his skin.

“I can’t control myself when I find two of you together,” he purred, leaning down to kiss me. While his tongue brushed mine he reached behind me, stroking Dullahan’s cheek. When he pulled back, Dullahan’s head was in his hands and I gasped as he pushed down his pants and brought the head to his cock. He did it right beside me, so close I could see all the finer details of Dullahan’s lips spread wide on the demonic red, ridged cock. His eyes watered as he was fed Lorcan’s erection.

Dullahan’s body was still wrapped around mine, his hands massaging my breasts as I watched Lorcan fuck his mouth. Dullahan’s cock hardened against my ass, long and thick. I squirmed against him until he reached down and pushed his cock between my still-wet thighs, using my arousal and his release as lubrication to fuck between my legs.

Lorcan reached over and pressed on my legs, forcing them tighter together to help give Dullahan more friction. The cock rubbed my clit as Dullahan stroked. Lorcan fucked Dullahan’s detached head, deep purred moans pulled from his throat as he came, still pressing on my legs to keep them tight for the other man.

I came suddenly, Dullahan’s frantic rubbing pushing me over the edge. Then Dullahan was shooting off between my legs, his release managing to hit the side of his own face on the bed.

Dullahan’s throat worked, swallowing incubus cum. I saw the milky liquid pool out the severed end of his neck, leaving a damp circle on the sheets.

Dullahan got his head back and wrapped his arms around me from behind. Lorcan settled in front of me and held me with a satisfied smile.

I felt even further drained, Lorcan having fed from my orgasm and didn’t fight as I drifted asleep squished between two of my favorite people and happily dreaming of tigers ripping cowboy arms off.

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