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"Let's Fix the AC" (A Cute but Psycho Bonus Scene)

Prompt: The AC broke at Verfallen Asylum - Cute but Psycho characters

Notes: Primal/chasing, shifted sex, biting, mmf

Let's Fix the AC


A chorus of groans grumbled across the main room when the food workers announced today would not be something cold like everyone wanted. No, it would be scalding hot soup. Lunch Lady Carol seemed to have a sadistic gleam in her eyes as she watched the anguish she’d inspired. Clearly, she was getting off on this.

“It’s hot as fuck!” One of the male patients screamed.

“Oh really? I didn’t notice?” Someone screamed back sarcastically. I groaned and stretched out in the chair, peeling my hair from my neck and attempting to fan myself. Orson, Baz, Nemo, and I were sitting at a table in the main room.

“Has this ever happened before?” I grumbled.

“No,” Nemo huffed. He looked miserable. His shaggy hair was plastered to his face and he kept pawing at his white jumpsuit like he was debating shredding it off his body. I certainly wouldn’t mind that. “Stein normally keeps everything in perfect working order,” he said.

“It’s probably because of us,” Orson mused, pulling a thick strand of my hair into his hands and twirling it. He leaned on my chair, his shoulder brushing with mine.

“Us?” I asked.

“Yes, once we took over it changed things. Stein isn’t the real person in charge, he works for a mysterious council. He’s had difficulty pretending everything is still normal.”

“That sounds ominous,” I said.

“Don’t worry, Bree. I make sure he doesn’t say anything to them about us. Although oddly, he doesn’t seem like he wants to. I’m not sure he likes them all that much. Curious…” Orson got a far-off look and accidentally tugged hard at my hair. I snatched it from his hands and then sighed. I looked at Baz, sitting there in head-to-toe black, looking comfortably bored. Tight black pants, tight black leather gloves, a black sweatshirt, and even a black scarf. I was uncomfortable just looking at him.

“Aren’t you hot?” I asked. He shifted his masked face to me. Today he was wearing the Ghostface mask from the Scream movies. “You have to be burning alive in that.”

“Hmm? Oh… no,” he said apathetically, drumming his gloved fingers on the table. He sighed in boredom. Nemo and I eyed each other in confusion.

“You do realize the air conditioning is broken and it’s the heat of summer,” I said.

“I gathered that from all the moaning and sweating,” he said, turning to face Nemo, looking him over before clicking his tongue. Orson snapped out of his thinking, looking over at Baz.

“You aren’t hot?” He asked.

“I’m very hot, just not in that way,” Baz said with a little chuckle. Nemo reached over suddenly to the man next to him, digging his fingers in his scarf and jerking it down to expose Baz’s neck.

“Hey!” Baz snapped.

“He’s not sweating,” Nemo said, sounding befuddled. “How are you not sweating?” He growled, suddenly angry as if Baz had some secret cure to not being hot that he chose not to share. Nemo dropped Baz then pushed his own brown hair from his eyes, mopping his brow in the process. I didn’t know if it was what he was or just his massive size, but Nemo looked much hotter than everyone else. He also looked incredibly irritated about that.

“Paws off,” Baz snapped, quickly fussing to get his scarf on right again. “I have to say, I’m really disappointed in all of you. Did you forget I’m from a family of phoenixes? My last name isn’t Fury for nothing.”

“So?” I asked. My eyes caught on Josie shuffling across the cafeteria, looking sallow. She must have felt my eyes on her because she looked over. I gave her the ugliest, bitchiest expression I could muster, peeling my lips back from my mouth and dropping my retractable fangs down. She rolled her eyes and kept shuffling to her table.

“That’s right, keep walking,” I mumbled. Orson gave me a judgemental look and I narrowed my eyes at him, daring him to say something.

So?” Baz parroted back with a scoff. “Do you know anything about phoenix?” He asked all of us.

“Immortal beings really don’t interest me. You can only torture a person so long before it gets boring and then what? You can't kill them. All that build-up for no release,” Orson sighed, his eyes sliding around the room, picking out potential victims.

“I thought you all liked me but you haven’t even researched everything about me,” Baz whined. “Pheonix have healing fire in their veins.” Orson made a disgusted noise.

“So I can’t even drink them?” He scoffed.

“You could try. Would be funny to watch,” Baz said pleasantly. “Anyway, there's some crossed wires between them and me. I’m more like a mutant phoenix than truly my own species. Heat doesn’t bother me.”

“Must be fucking nice,” Nemo spat out. Suddenly he shot up from his chair. It was knocked backwards, falling to the ground loudly. Everyone in the room became silent and still, their eyes widened as they dragged in a shocked inhale. I looked at them and chuckled.

“I’m going to fix this,” he declared and then began to stomp off. Baz leapt up and followed after him, seeming more than happy to have something to do. I sighed and stood up as well.

“You coming?” I asked Orson.

“No, I’m going to stalk someone,” he said. I shot him a furious look and he held up his hands.

“Just a murder victim, nothing you need to be jealous of,” he offered with a charming smile. The room suddenly began to clear out at his admittance. I leaned down, pressing my lips to his, moaning a little before I pulled back and ran off, catching up with Nemo and Baz.

We trudged down the hall and then Baz slapped a keycard to the downstairs door. We’d taken it from an orderly at some point. I couldn’t recall which one of us killed him. We were going through orderlies too fast but I found that was more their problem than mine.

A moment later we were in Stein’s laboratory, floating heads glaring down from formaldehyde glass jars.

“What?” He asked apathetically. He didn’t stop writing in his little medical journal as we filed in. He took a moment to glance over his round glasses at us before his eyes settled back on his writing.

“The air conditioning needs to be fixed,” Nemo grumbled.

“Hmm,” Stein hummed. “You see, Nemo, there are consequences to your actions. I really thought I’d taught you this lesson already.” He finally sighed, setting his pen down and swiveling in his chair to face us.

Doctor Stein lacked all expression, his half-lidded eyes giving the impression he was always either bored or tired. His skin had a greenish tint and there were sutures around his neck, holding it in place since we’d ripped his head off at some point or another. His brown eyes matched his brown hair held in a low ponytail at his neck.

“You see, I’ve been put in an awkward position with the people who fund this place. They keep asking me questions I have no believable answers to give them. For instance, why the death rate of orderlies has quadrupled over the past few months.”

“Can’t you bring them back to life?” Nemo asked.

“I could,” he said. “If my funding hadn’t been cut.” He stretched his mouth and I realized he was giving a small, sarcastic smile. I shuddered. Stein freaked me out. He dropped the smile and swiveled back to his notebook, picking the pen back up.

“And my funding got cut because… well, this all leads back to you all and your desire to run around like psychopathic children, gorging on the inmates and workers.” He sighed.

“He always brings down my mood,” I grumbled, crossing my arms in annoyance. Stein sucked the life out of most situations. Ironic since he seemed capable of bringing people back to life… sort of. He reached in his doctor’s coat and pulled out a set of keys, holding them out towards Nemo.

“If you want to try and fix it, be my guest. I told them it was broken and they said they’d handle it. That was two days ago and I haven’t heard back. Might be a month before they feel the need to get someone here. They aren’t happy with how I’ve been running the place and are trying to manipulate me into being more agreeable.” Nemo put out his hand and Stein dropped the keys in it.

“How the hell are we supposed to fix it?” Baz asked. “Bang on it until it turns back on?” Stein sighed and got up, walking over to a dusty metal cabinet. The door squealed as he opened it. He fingered through books until he found what he was looking for, pulling it out.

A faded instructions manual for an ancient air conditioning system was pushed into Baz’s chest. He let it flop to the floor instead of taking it. Stein didn’t seem to care either way. He closed the cabinet and went back to his notes. Baz sighed and picked up the manual, tucking it under his arm before shoving his hands in his pants pockets.

“The maintenance room is…” Stein paused and blinked, the most expression he’d shown besides his weird smile. “Well, I don’t really know. It’s on this level somewhere.”

“How fucking useful. Thanks, Dad,” Nemo snapped, turning and stomping from the room. Stein gave an even longer blink in response to Nemo calling him dad. If I had to guess, he was disturbed.

We piled into the hallway. Nemo flung the keys at me and I only caught it because of my vampiric speed. Someone was grumpy. Nemo grabbed his jumpsuit and tugged, the buttons all flew off, pinging off the floor and wall. There was the sound of tearing and then the shirt half was hanging in shreds around his waist, still attached to the pants.

“Well okay then,” Baz supplied. Nemo glared at him and then grabbed his white undershirt, pulling it over his back and flinging it to the floor. Apparently, it was someone else's mess to deal with. Sometimes I wondered if Stein himself wandered around picking up after us. An image of him wearing an apron and cleaning dared to flash in my mind. I laughed a little and the guys gave me a look but said nothing.

“Right, now that you’re half-naked, are we ready to find this elusive maintenance room?” Baz asked. Nemo's broad chest was tan with a lovely smattering of dark hair. There was also a bunch of deep green handprints—evidence of Baz’s touches. There was a matching set on either side of his waist that I found really interesting. I watched those as he walked ahead, grumbling angrily as we started our search.

“This is boring,” I sighed, twirling the key ring around my finger. We’d been down here for at least thirty minutes now but it could have been hours. There was no way to tell time in these hallways. Nemo was growing more and more agitated. I’d never seen him so uncomfortable. Sweat slicked his naked upper body and a while back he’d grabbed Nemo’s mask and torn it up, saying it irritated him. They’d nearly got in a fight but we somehow managed to push through.

I was hot and irritable too. Baz was holding my hair off my neck while I tried to fan myself. At some point I’d started to shed clothes, leaving them like breadcrumbs to find our way back. Now I was only wearing a thin underdress and panties. It was white and my bra was long gone, so my nipples were obvious. I got the feeling that was why Baz was more than willing to hold my hair, so he could gawk.

We passed a doorway that looked familiar and I smiled.

“This is where you chased me,” I chirped, the memories were a very pleasant distraction from endless searching for some mystery room. Nemo suddenly stopped moving and swung around with a wide smile on his face, his teeth all bared for us.

“Uh, you okay there buddy?” Baz asked. “Your face looks a little… crazy.” Nemo just smiled wider, taking a step towards us, his eyes growing wider as he looked down at us. We stared up at him as his shadow was cast on us from the very dim lighting overhead.

“Run,” Nemo growled.

“What?” I asked with a chuckle. “Aren’t we trying to turn the AC on?”

“Yeah and how about this, if you find and get in the maintenance room, I’ll let you go.”

“Let us go?” Baz asked, his dimples flashing as he smiled. “Is this a game of tag?”

“Yeah, tag,” Nemo said, taking another step closer, clawing at the rest of his clothes until they fell around his ankles. He stepped out of them. Baz and I were left staring at Nemo’s large, hard cock.

“I think we have different ideas of what tag is,” Baz said. Excitement burst inside me. I shoved Baz against the wall and took off. Better to get the upper hand.

“If I win, we finally go and visit Orson’s house on the outside!” I yelled over my shoulder.

“What the fuck!” Baz wailed. “Hey, Bree has the keys! I can’t even get into the maintenance room— AHH!” He yelled. I heard the sound of Nemo shifting and sucked in a breath. I hadn’t expected that. I spun around a corner and looked behind me, seeing Baz frantically running a good distance behind me. His red and green eyes glared at me in the dim lighting.

“You aren’t playing fair,” he said with a dark smile. “How about I catch you and leave you for him. A sacrifice for my win.” His boots stomped on the ground and I flung my head back and laughed. I was the fastest of all of us, his threat was cute.

Growling and the sound of claws scraping against tile floors made both our smiles disappear. A large dark beast appeared at the end of the hall behind us, eyes glowing in the dark. With my eyesight, I could see the double row of teeth in the wolfman’s mouth, dripping saliva. I started to grow concerned. Nemo had been really agitated before, what exactly did he plan to do with us if he caught us?

The monster took off and I yelped, running faster. I heard Baz scream and it was almost comical. I started to laugh but then heard him groan and immediately turned around—my interest was piqued. I needed to know what had caused that particular throaty groan.

Nemo had tackled Baz to the ground and shredded his clothes, they hung in tatters over his pale, muscular body. The wolfman licked a line over the outline of Baz’s cock—which didn’t seem like the first time. His clawed hands reached up and roughly tugged Baz’s pants down, freeing his long cock.

“Fuck, this isn’t fair,” Baz rasped on the floor, his long green hair pooling around him. Nemo bent his snout close to Baz’s cock, licking a wet line up it. Baz groaned while his boots shifted across the floor. Nemo growled a little in pleasure and then picked up Baz’s cock with his clawed hand and descended on it. I watched in shock as it disappeared in his snout. Somehow the horror of all those sharp teeth made the image even more thrilling. So close to so much danger and yet Baz was groaning in pleasure as the beast sucked and lapped at him. Such a precarious situation.

A growl rumbled from Nemo as I watched his tongue move. My own tongue dragged across my plump bottom lip and I pressed my legs tight together—the dress and panties feeling even thinner suddenly and I didn’t think it was sweat making them wet.

“Watch the teeth,” Baz growled, his hips pushing up, thrusting himself deeper in Nemo’s mouth. “God, your tongue is like twice as big,” he rasped and I took a step closer, as quiet as possible. This had to be a trap but I was very fast. I bet I could still get away if I was a little closer.

I held off a moment, waiting to see if Nemo would pounce up from Baz and barrel at me. He seemed far too concentrated on Baz’s cock in his mouth though. Well, until he dropped Baz’s erection from his mouth. Nemo’s tongue lolled from his mouth, dripping saliva. His clawed hands dug into Baz’s waist and flipped him over, belly down on the ground.

“Wait,” Baz said in concern. Nemo roughly tugged Baz’s pants down off his pert, round ass. It practically glowed in the dark hall—two perfect, pale globes begging for someone to bite them. Nemo clearly got the memo because he shoved his face down, opened his jaw, and bit Baz’s ass.

“Fuck!” Baz snapped. Nemo pulled his snout back and licked long lines up the bite tenderly, his tongue diverting towards the crease. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Baz asked, his face half pressed into the floor. I bit my lips and reached between my legs, pressing my fingers against my clit and applying pressure. I shuffled a little closer, as quiet as could be.

Nemo reached up with his clawed hands and peeled Baz’s ass apart. His long, wide tongue dragged up the middle. Baz groaned against the floor as Nemo kept doing it, over and over, running his tongue up his ass while his clawed hands massaged Baz’s cheeks, keeping them spread.

Then Nemo suddenly shifted back to human, his eyes looking at Baz’s hole. He brushed his thumb over the entrance. I stumbled a little closer.

“You better not be thinking of doing what I think you’re thinking of doing,” Baz rasped angrily.

“Did that make sense?” Nemo asked.

“It makes perfect sense,” Baz snapped. An undignified noise came from his lips as Nemo pressed the tip of his thumb inside of Baz. Nemo and Baz stilled.

“Did you just whimper?” Nemo asked in disbelief.

“I did not!” Baz’s face was flushed red, making him appear so cute I nearly stumbled over and bit his ass like Nemo had. My mouth watered.

“I change my mind,” I rasped. “If I win I want to drink blood from Baz’s ass.” Baz raised an eyebrow and smiled at Nemo who smiled back and then slowly looked over at me.

“Fuck,” I hissed. Totally a trap. He leapt off Baz, shifting back into his wolf-monster form as he sailed through the air. I turned and ran as fast as I could, feeling the hot breath of the monster on my neck for a moment. His claws reached for me and I heard the fabric of my dress rip as I pulled from his loose grasp.

I took off as fast as I could, clutching the keys in one hand and eyeing doors as I passed them. I could hear Nemo behind me somewhere, running around the halls, huffing, and puffing. I skidded to a stop as I saw a plaque on a door that started with M. I reached up and wiped off dust and dirt. “Maintenance” was engraved on it.

“Guess I’m getting to sink my teeth in Baz’s ass,” I said in delight, staring at the ring of keys. My smile dropped. There were hundreds. “Are you fucking kidding me?” I snapped, riffling through the keys, hoping one was labeled maintenance.

A howl echoed through the halls, sending the hairs on my arms straight up. I began jamming keys into the lock as fast as I could. Which was very fast given my abilities at speed but still seemed like molasses as I strained to listen to the wolf-monster scratching around the halls. I couldn’t tell if he was getting closer, he certainly wasn’t getting farther away.

“Hey,” a voice said and I snapped my head to the right. Baz was leaning against the wall, twenty feet away with a smirk on his face. I hadn’t even heard him because I was so concentrated on the keys and Nemo. His clothes were still in shreds but it looked as if he attempted to cover his cock. There were long clawed tears in his shirt, revealing his chest and abs. There were also suspicious flaps of fabric on the backside of his pants. I had a feeling if he turned around I’d get a delicious look at his bare ass.

“Go away,” I grouched, shoving more keys in.

“Hmm, no,” Baz said.

“Well then be quiet,” I hissed.

“No, I don’t think I’ll do that either.” He pushed from the wall and glided over on his boots. The keys kept being shoved in the lock one after the other as he sauntered over. I grit my teeth as he slammed his hand iton the wall next to me and leaned in close, his mouth coming so very close to my ear. His breath fanned over the length of my neck but he didn’t touch. It was always infuriating how he did this, teased me relentlessly with the anticipation of his touch.

“Fuck off,” I grumbled.

“Nemo! Oh, Nemo!” He wailed in delight, leaning away from me. I raged, leaping on him and taking him to the floor. He laughed as I scrambled on top of him, shoving his shoulders into the floor.

“You asshole!”

“Aww, baby. I love it when you talk dirty,” Baz teased. I huffed in annoyance, climbing off him frantically. There were only ten keys left but I could hear Nemo barrelling towards us. The sound of his claws scrapping the tile floor, his heavy breathing, his fucking excitement.

I shoved the next key in while Nemo rounded the corner, a happy growl tumbling from his smiling snout. I twisted the key… it didn’t work.

“Fuck!” I fumbled with the next key, my fingers shaking as he raced towards me. I kept going back and forth between taking off or trying to get another key in. There really was no option though. They’d just guard the door if I left.

The next key slid away from the lock as Nemo took me down, his furred, muscled body rippling with strength as he barreled into me. His massive, clawed hand cradled the back of my head as we hit the ground. A scream sailed from my mouth, I couldn’t help it.

Nemo didn’t wait at all, rolling me onto my belly on the floor, his hands pushing up my thin underdress, his claws ripping my panties to shreds. The tearing of the fabric was hard to hear over the blood rushing in my ears. My fangs slid down uncontrollably as I moaned.

“What does Nemo get if he wins?” I said between breaths. I heard the scuffle of Baz’s boots as he sauntered over. The rubber soles came into view and then he dropped down, turning his head to look at me sideways, a smile on his face.

I felt Nemo’s huge tongue run up my ass and then his clawed hands dug into the flesh, peeling apart my cheeks for better access.

“He gets to fuck you while he’s shifted,” Baz said, his gloved hand meandering down to his pants. He slowly pulled the zipper down before pulling his cock out. “And he said I could join in if I helped catch you.” He squeezed his cock once then lifted his hand to his mouth, biting the tip of the glove before tugging it off.

Nemo growled behind me and lifted my hips, positioning me. I felt his massive shifted cock brush between my legs and gasped. Baz looked back at Nemo lining up, his eyebrows raising up.

“Wow,” he said with a chuckle. “That’s going to be hard to take. He doesn’t look concerned about it though,” Baz said, looking back at me with a vicious smile. I glared at him from the floor until I felt Nemo begin to enter me.

He was so thick, spreading me out, stretching me open. His clawed hands dug into my hips as he pushed in deeper, growling lightly as he went. I felt the fur of his body brush my ass as he connected with me and gasped, shuddering as I thought about the monster rutting into me.

He pulled out then slid back in, digging himself deeper, having to work his way in through several thrusts until his furred hips crushed my ass and he growled. The only other time I felt this full was when two of them were inside me. I groaned, my thighs shaking. My eyes were aimed at Baz, gripping his cock and dragging his fist slowly up and down, watching as the beast took me from behind roughly working his way in to fit.

“Shit,” Baz rasped when Nemo began to really thrust, slamming his fat cock in me so hard my body jolted on the ground with each thrust. I pushed myself up on my elbows trying to keep myself in place as I spread my legs and arched my back more, moaning as his smooth cock rubbed inside me.

Baz’s gloved hand moved towards my face, pinching my nose, making me breathe through my mouth before he slid forward, settling his bare cock on my lips. He shuddered from the first contact and I flicked my tongue out to tease his tip.

“Bree,” Baz groaned.

He kept my nose pinched as he thrust into my mouth. I moaned around him, feeling Nemo pummel into me harder, panting. His claws raked up my back, sharp pain that bit life into my body and made me arch more for him.

My lungs burned as Baz slid in and out of my mouth, teasing my throat as he pushed in farther each time. His grunts came in tandem with Nemo’s thrusts, feeling my body shift as I was fucked. He finally removed his hand from my nose and gently trailed his bare fingertips across my hairline, taking a moment to marvel at our ability to touch.

Baz’s cock was almost hot in my mouth. At first, I thought it was his venom, him increasing his toxicity to be a little shit. When no pain came I realized I was wrong. His temperature had just increased from the heat of this place. I reached out, fingering the tears in his pants, touching his scalding skin.

Nemo bent over me, furred muscle brushing across my entire back. His tongue licked a line up my cheek before he began lapping at Baz’s cock.

“Fuck,” Baz groaned, watching as his dick moved in and out of my mouth while Nemo licked at it. His cock jerked, the only warning I got before hot cum spilled into my throat. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me harder against his thrusting hips, shooting as deep as he could while Nemo dragged his tongue over his balls.

Baz collapsed backwards and I took a big breath. Nemo’s palms settled on the ground and he began slamming into me, fucking me into the ground while he growled and grunted, putting as much power into it as he could.

I moaned, my pussy squeezing him tightly as he practically abused it. I loved when they fucked roughly, all their power barreling into me, making me ache with pleasure.

Nemo shoved himself in deep and I felt his knot expand inside me, ballooning up to lock him in place. It made his monstrous cock slide in a little deeper as he spilled his cum, his heavy breath across my back, his deep growl rumbling in my bones. It was almost unbearable but he made me take it, moaning and whimpering.

For a moment he just panted above me, then I watched as his arms turned from fur to skin and he fell out of me, back to human.

He flipped me around, his sweat-slicked muscles looming over me, his shaggy hair in his eyes. Then he settled on his belly between my legs, pushing his hands under my ass and lifting me like a plate to his face. He pressed his mouth to my cunt and ate me out for all he was worth—teasing long licks before he pressed his lips to my clit and sucked until my toes curled. My fingers dug into his hair enough to hurt. He grunted and flicked his tongue, building me higher and higher until I exploded on his face.

My head flung back and I saw Baz still sitting behind my head, smiling at me upside down as I cried out, my body screaming in pleasure. Not a moment after my orgasm ended Nemo flipped me back over and sunk his human teeth into my ass, giving me a matching mark to Baz’s—though his had looked much worse with the monster teeth.

Finally, he smacked my other ass cheek and stood up, grabbing the keys from the floor, flicking through them, and sliding one in the lock. The door clicked and swung open.

“Fuck me, was it labeled?” I asked from the floor. Baz got up, trying to pull his torn pants back up. I noticed there was a ripped slit on the side and every step with his left leg made his cock poke out. Laughs poured out of my mouth as I got off the floor.

Baz ran off and came back a few minutes later with the instruction manual. We peered at it while eyeing the electronics suspiciously.

“It’s not in here,” I finally said. “Actually now that I think about it. Pretty sure these go on the outside of the building,” I said, tapping the box in the picture. Nemo picked up the manual like he was going to flip through it. Instead, he began tearing it to tiny shreds, getting more furious as the pieces got smaller. Finally, he flung the little pieces to the floor and stomped out of the room. Baz and I eyed each other.

“I’m beginning to suspect he doesn’t like the heat,” Baz said.

“What gave that away?” I responded sarcastically. Baz spread his mouth in a wide smile, white teeth sparkling as his dimples appeared.

“Too bad about the AC. I wanted to try banging you against it. See if it really did help turn it back on.” His eyes slid down my body, still in the see-through underdress. He hummed in approval before turning and walking from the room.

“We better get back before Nemo kills anyone,” he said.

“Oh,” I cooed in excitement. “I love when he kills people with his bare hands.” I clapped my hands in excitement and we ran off to catch up.

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