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Monsters--humans with weapons and lies. They tricked me, they've captured me, and they hurt my men. Ben was after me from the start, this entire trip was a farce. He’d been hiding, wanting, and waiting for the day he could use me for his twisted rituals, making monsters of men.

Traveling the country camping was supposed to be an escape from the strange and unusual that clings to my family. Instead it’s brought me more than I ever bargained for. My family’s calling to fame--the ghosts, the hauntings, the supernatural--it's time I wield it.

But we’re caged and broken.

A rockstar with dark secrets.
A West Virginia local legend—a monster myth of cryptid fame.
An abhorrence that possesses me, amorphous tentacles and all.
A broken man made to be a monster that everyone fears—a beast made of greed, so hungry he can’t control himself.

We’ll have to work together, we’ll have to save each other, and we’ll have to paint the mountain red before we can finally be done.

CONTENT NOTES: Graphic violence/gore, Violence from outside the harem, Dub-con, Gun/Knife Violence, Death/murder, Hauntings/ghosts, Paranormal possession, Kidnapping/captivity, Cults, Biting, cervical penetration, c*m inflation, abnormal anatomy, monster sex, praise k*nk, squirting, excessive male fluids


Audiobook performed by Michelle Price, Gregory Salinas, and Jay Alder. Published by Pink Flamingo Productions. 

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