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Signed book of Hide & Seek by Beatrix Hollow. (Myths & Monsters 2)

[Old Cover] Paperback has Ava on front.

Hardback has tentacles. 




Monsters--gills, wings, fur, and creatures not resembling a human at all. Things that I didn’t know existed crave me… and they’ve been hoping I’d find them.

From the dark, haunted cave comes a man's plea. He’s a stuck climber in a hidden chamber inside the mountain. But as we travel to his rescue, things continue to deteriorate.

Sick, hurt, and now deep underground, my worst nightmare is finally here. I’m trapped with the dead lurking everywhere.

Who can save me from ghosts? Who can heal my broken body? Who can make me never be defenseless again?

Something in the dark can.
Something inhuman.
Something that wants to live in me, corrupting who I am.

If I want to survive, I have to let this monster live in my body. I have to let him talk in my head.
He’s unhinged, abnormal… and now he’s part of me. Amorphous tentacles and all.

Hide & Seek


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