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Signed paperback novella of Frankie's Funhouse by Beatrix Hollow. (Umbra Valley Prequel)




Desperation for cash has led me down a rainbow painted hallway to Frankie’s Funhouse—a children’s gambling casino. Or as my boss likes to call it, a pizza arcade.


The coworkers are strange, the patrons are disturbing, and the animatronics are possessed. Which I was willing to put up with until my boss died.

Well, he was murdered, actually.


Now I have to serve pizza and birthday cake while thinking about burning down the mall to hide a body for an animatronic that keeps hitting on me.


Drug dealings in the backrooms, puddles of blood seeping out from the storage closet, and parents threatening to talk to my (dead) boss if I don’t get their screaming kids' pizza was all manageable...


Until I realized I didn’t mind Frankie’s possessed tongue in my mouth.

Frankie's Funhouse


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