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A Contemporary Slasher Romance


★From Beatrix Hollow on her contemporary name, Lux Oleander.★

Two years ago I made her my final girl. Perhaps I’m a little obsessed. The shrine covering my bedroom wall would certainly agree. I've even played out a few scenarios that end with her taking my knife in much more creative ways than usual.

Today is the day I finally take her life.

I’m ramping up the carnage and tying up loose ends in bloody bows. There’s another serial killer in Umbra Valley and the Massacre Maniac won’t be outdone. However, our local femme fatale isn’t waiting around for me to kill my obsession. Appears she hates me as much as I hate her.

"Meet at midnight", that's what the letter says. Cute.

Don't tango with the devil, sweetheart. You’re about to learn that he doesn't play fair…

Expect this thriller romance to include:

  • Rival serial killers

  • MxF dark romance

  • Masks + Hidden Identities

  • Dangerous lovers who never stop going for the kill


Content Notes: masked killers, murder (of civilians and non civilians), gore, gun and knife violence, piquerism/stabbing for sexual satisfaction, violence between the main characters, kidnapping and captivity, stalking, light somnophilia, sadism and masochism, erotophonophilia (fetish for death), obsession, hidden identities, dubcon, blood play, knife play, gun play, primal play, catch & release that involves chloroform, serial killer main characters who are not vigilantes, spitting, unsafe sex, possessive scarring w/ knife, choking, vague mentions of childhood neglect

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