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I’m a professional ghost hunter possessed by a dead witch who has tentacles and slime that he knows how to use.


Spectral Studies is tackling our biggest job yet for a Halloween special. However, the haunted hospital in Spain was never supposed to go like this. As soon as we step inside, everything falls apart in one terrible event after the next.

Makwa's gone and I'm questioning everything he's told me over the years…

I’m left wondering if it was all a farce to use me while he gained more power.

I need to find him in this massive haunted building but the place may be too much for me to handle.

Especially when Makwa might be part of the problem now.

For everyone’s sake, I hope that isn’t true.

Author Note: This is a short story featuring Ava and Makwa from the Myths & Monsters series and is an extension of the epilogue in Seek & Find.

CONTENT NOTES: Graphic violence/gore, Violence from outside the harem, Dub-con, Gun/Knife Violence, Death/murder, Hauntings/ghosts, Paranormal possession, Kidnapping/captivity, Cults, Biting, cervical penetration, c*m inflation, abnormal anatomy, monster sex, praise k*nk, squirting, excessive male fluids

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