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Get the entire Umbra Valley pack in the limited supply book box.

[US Only, if international please reach out to me]


  • Signed website exclusive paperback of Frankie's Funhouse
  • Signed website exclusive paperback of Meet At Midnight
  • Five Stickers
  • One Postcard
  • One Keychain
  • Vellum insert


Website exclusive covers of the Umbra Valley series so far - Meet at Midnight (Lux Oleander/Beatrix Hollow) and Frankie's Funhouse. These editions feature special covers designed by Beatrix with front cover at by supplay box. Meet At Midnight has character are on the back by Aleksa. Frankie's Funhouse has character art on the back by Ysavicta.


Both covers have the Beatrix Hollow name on the front and come in a floppy 6 x 9 style.


Stickers included are Jack and Zoe character art by Aleksa (~3 inch glossy), frankie's funhouse and meet at midnight art by supplaybox (large ~4inch glossy), and frankie's funhouse and frankie's funworld art by Ysavicta (~2.5 inch glossy).


Postcard is Fatally Yours art by Xxzbat printed on recycled paper.


Large ~4 inch keychain with supplaybox Frankie's Funhouse art. 


Vellum insert features Jack and Zoe art by Aleksa.


[Shipping cost is built into the price]

Umbra Valley Book Box

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