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First time I saw him I choked on a jawbreaker and he shot daggers at me for daring to distract the class by dying.
Sometimes I think Professor Karl Brahms puts the psycho in psychology.


Riley is insufferable. Exhausting. Annoying. Gorgeous.
I can't handle that right now. She's always eating in class. What's she going to do next?

I need to focus on dealing with HR and complaints about my apparent bad attitude. How can I handle that when Riley is announcing how attractive I am in front of an auditorium?

This was not the way things were supposed to go.

Not at all.


I’m not winning at this whole college thing.
My student advisor says I need it all... tutoring, extra credit, probably therapy. Professor Brahms’ is assigned as my tutor. He's livid but I'm loving the eye candy.
Loving it too much because I maybe…accidentally...
kiss him.


Author Note: This is an enemies to lovers, professor student romantic comedy.

Freudian Slip Ebook

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