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The blurbs and trigger/content notes! 

I’m falling down the rabbit hole into Cheshire’s Den of Debauchery.

I’m obsessed with my deviant desires and only one thing can bring me satisfaction—Caterpillar. Whether by luck or misfortune, he can be bought. I only need to make a deal with Cheshire...and his deals have the tendency to go sideways.

They say curiosity killed the cat but I’m the one in trouble. I was the canary in his jaws the moment I stepped into his lair.

And I just keep falling. Falling for them and falling to the bottom of Wonderland where the truth of my past lurks in the murky depths.

Wonderland bites and I fear I’ve been infected.

Author Note: This is a monster retelling of Alice in Wonderland and is an extended version of the short story by the same title in the Into the Woods Anthology published April 2022.  

Content Notes: Dubcon, somnophilia, brothel setting, prostitution, pheromone influence, light degradation, obsession, ovipositor, interesting peen, contracts involving sex/ownership, swapping liquids, spitting, smoking, drug use, drinking, morally questionable characters, murder/death, knife violence, poisoning, body horror, eco horror (aka “evil” nature), gore, MMF ménage (MF/MM/MMF scenes), hookah hose in the hoo-ha, human table/objectification, exhibitionism, voyeurism, invisible peeping w/o prior consent, forced orgasms, edging, animal-like qualities/characteristics, bug-like qualities/characteristics, hand necklace, domination and submission, forced submission, pet play, predator-prey/primal/chasing, cocooning, mental health themes (including but not limited to past trauma [non sexual], dissociation, and possible hallucinations).

Hookah Smoking Caterpillar


Flawed Creatures

Some creatures are fatally flawed. I'm a thrill-seeker, a gambler, and a thief--playing whim to my Greed. However, my sins aren't what I have to fight right now... it's theirs.

Three men deemed too powerful and wrong to let live by our Council. They're too devious, too strong, too evil. An unhinged crazy incubus, an obsessive shape shifting beast, and the Dullahan himself--scars, steed, and all.

Tricked, captured, captive. They plan to use my power, wield it as their own. I'm their golden ticket, their pot of gold. Kings, gods, and creatures have tried to use my kind and these three monsters are exactly the same. They know that when luck is on your side, the odds are never even.

There's an unstoppable hitman on their back and they need something that gives them the upper hand, a guarantee of success. And that something is me.

Author Notes: This is a STAND-ALONE urban fantasy romance with lots of love all around.

Additional Content Information: "MMMF" polyam relationships, headless horseman “decapitation” during sexy/nonsexy times, talk of the consumption of human flesh, obsession/stalking, dubcon, incubus, villains, violence/light gore, teased vore, zombies, gambling/addiction, magic drug use, a whip made from a human spine, PIV/ANAL/ETC, comfortable confinement, complicated people & their messy relationships, biting, light somniphilia, murder, forced submission, three ways, orgies, magic lust, guns, bombs, size difference, pierced cock, scarred hero, unique peen,
gods,  MF/MM/MMF/MMM/MMMF scenes, rope restraints, chains, pleasure dom, dream sex, adult swing, car racing, shifted sex, Vague ex-guardian x adult ward relationship, DP, boat explosions


I'm a vampire hunter, a legacy meant only to care about killing monsters.
But all I've ever cared about is Sebastian.

I'm enamored... obsessed.
Stalking him and manipulating fate to keep us together.

We were assigned to Visamar Academy, where a group of powerful vampires gorge on the rich.
I failed him as a partner and he paid the ultimate price—the worst thing that can happen to a hunter.

My obsession wouldn't let me end him.
I sullied our souls, damning us to Hell.
Crossed lines I never thought I would.

Now I'll pay for those sins in blood.

The Brotherhood will kill me...
if Sebastian doesn't first.

Author Note: This is first person, dual pov gothic mm romance.

Additional Content Information: There is blood play, biting (including genitals), muzzles, stalking/obsession, vague religious themes, chains/collars, violence/gore, death, guns, knives, fire, mention of parental death (previous to story), secret societies, anal, oral, and rimming.

Blood & Secrets

flatlay2 (1)_edited.jpg

Cute But Psycho


I'm certifiably insane. Just ask my amazing therapist. He's my soulmate and a vampiric serial killer. There's no one I'd rather stalk more.

Except no more late night slinking for me. I'm in The Asylum, committed as a danger to myself and others. They tell me I'm delusional, which they aren't wrong...except about what.
See, this place is made for supernaturals too dangerous to let roam free. The doctors, the staff, the family members that helped put us here are all in on it, trying to convince us magic is just another delusion. They plan to keep us here forever--sedated and docile.
Aren't we all just perfect test subjects for inhumane experiments? Well, the doctors think so at least.
Yeah... it's time to bust out of the loony bin. Unfortunately for our zookeepers we're the most dangerous supernaturals there are and we haven't been taking our medicine.
A genetically modified super alpha wolf monster. An ultra rare basilisk, so venomous he can't leave any skin exposed. My dreamy serial killing vampire therapist.
Oh, and me. A genetic marvel, one of the few dhamphyr to ever exist and probably, just a little... more crazy than most.
Nighty, night Asylum. Don't let the nightmares bite.

Author Note: Full-length STANDALONE! This is a why choose/reverse harem dark paranormal romance where the female lead does not need to choose between her three male love interests. There are m/m scenes, steam, and mature themes including: violence, language, and etc.

Content warnings/tropes & other details: Breathplay/Edgeplay, Erotic, Asphyxiation, Blood play, Period/Menstrual Sex, Graphic violence/gore, Knife, violence, Death/murder, Dub-con and forced submission, primal play, knotting/vibration, DVP, DP, Domination/submission, consuming bodily fluids (blood, menstruation, c*m), spitting, masks, three-ways, four-way, anal, mm, mmf, rough oral, squirting, forced orgasms, forced hospitalization, forced medication, abusive hospital staff, nonconsensual experimentation

Monsters--shadows, gills, wings, and more. The things I fear crave me… and they’ve been here the whole time. Hiding, waiting, and wanting. Lurking, sneaking, and watching.

Traveling the country camping was supposed to be an escape from the strange and unusual that clings to my family. My family’s calling to fame terrifies me. The ghosts, the hauntings, the supernatural--I want nothing to do with it.

Too bad it wants everything to do with me.

Where did the trip first go wrong? Maybe when an old friend with dark secrets insisted on coming--a rising rock star whose fame is now putting me in the limelight.

Then there is the West Virginia local legend. A monster myth of cryptid fame. A campfire story. But there are those that believe--that are willing to do whatever it takes to capture the monster in the mountains.

Maybe even use humans as bait.

Maybe even use me.

Author Note: This is a monster romance with multiple love interests the female lead will not choose between. There are mature themes including spice, significant violence, language, and etc. This is book one of a series and will be slow build, meaning not all love interests are introduced in book one.

Content warnings/tropes & other details: Graphic violence/gore, Violence from outside the harem, Dub-con, Gun/Knife Violence, Death/murder, Hauntings/ghosts, Paranormal possession, Kidnapping/captivity, Cults, Biting, cervical penetration, c*m inflation, abnormal anatomy, monster sex, praise k*nk, squirting, excessive male fluids

Run & Hide

Opera Snapshot_2022-08-01_114746_www.etsy_edited.jpg

Hide & Seek

Opera Snapshot_2022-08-01_115350_www.etsy_edited.jpg

Monsters--gills, wings, fur, and creatures not resembling a human at all. Things that I didn’t know existed crave me… and they’ve been hoping I’d find them.

From the dark, haunted cave comes a man's plea. He’s a stuck climber in a hidden chamber inside the mountain. But as we travel to his rescue, things continue to deteriorate.
Sick, hurt, and now deep underground, my worst nightmare is finally here. I’m trapped with the dead lurking everywhere.

Who can save me from ghosts? Who can heal my broken body? Who can make me never be defenseless again?

Something in the dark can.
Something inhuman.
Something that wants to live in me, corrupting who I am.

If I want to survive, I have to let this monster live in my body. I have to let him talk in my head.
He’s unhinged, abnormal… and now he’s part of me. Amorphous tentacles and all.

Content warnings/tropes & other details: Graphic violence/gore, Violence from outside the harem, Dub-con, Gun/Knife Violence, Death/murder, Hauntings/ghosts, Paranormal possession, Kidnapping/captivity, Cults, Biting, cervical penetration, c*m inflation, abnormal anatomy, monster sex, praise k*nk, squirting, excessive male fluids

Monsters--humans with weapons and lies. They tricked me, they've captured me, and they hurt my men. Ben was after me from the start, this entire trip was a farce. He’d been hiding, wanting, and waiting for the day he could use me for his twisted rituals, making monsters of men.

Traveling the country camping was supposed to be an escape from the strange and unusual that clings to my family. Instead it’s brought me more than I ever bargained for. My family’s calling to fame--the ghosts, the hauntings, the supernatural--it's time I wield it.

But we’re caged and broken.

A rockstar with dark secrets.
A West Virginia local legend—a monster myth of cryptid fame.
An abhorrence that possesses me, amorphous tentacles and all.
A broken man made to be a monster that everyone fears—a beast made of greed, so hungry he can’t control himself.

We’ll have to work together, we’ll have to save each other, and we’ll have to paint the mountain red before we can finally be done.

Content warnings/tropes & other details: Graphic violence/gore, Violence from outside the harem, Dub-con, Gun/Knife Violence, Death/murder, Hauntings/ghosts, Paranormal possession, Kidnapping/captivity, Cults, Biting, cervical penetration, c*m inflation, abnormal anatomy, monster sex, praise k*nk, squirting, excessive male fluids, thoughts of suicide, consumption of human flesh

Seek & Find

Opera Snapshot_2022-08-01_115945_www.etsy_edited.jpg

Find & Destroy


I’m a professional ghost hunter possessed by a dead witch who has tentacles and slime that he knows how to use.   

Spectral Studies is tackling our biggest job yet for a Halloween special. However, the haunted hospital in Spain was never supposed to go like this. As soon as we step inside, everything falls apart in one terrible event after the next.  

Makwa's gone and I'm questioning everything he's told me over the years… 

I’m left wondering if it was all a farce to use me while he gained more power. 

I need to find him in this massive haunted building but the place may be too much for me to handle. 

Especially when Makwa might be part of the problem now. 

For everyone’s sake, I hope that isn’t true.


Author Note: This is a short story featuring Ava and Makwa from the Myths & Monsters series and is an extension of the epilogue in Seek & Find.

Content warnings/tropes & other details: CNC (consent non-consent), tentacles, slime, primal/chasing, taking pictures during sex, unsafe sex/potential impregnation, MF, Death of non-main characters, mention of suicide, ghosts, illness, (haunted) hospital, hauntings/possession, spooky vibes

Welcome to Monster Island, the deadly televised competition where felons, ex-military, and anyone crazy or desperate enough is dropped on an island of monsters. Winner takes all if anyone can survive.

I’m a bad girl—a convicted armed bank robber. It isn’t the pardon, fame, or riches I’m after though. It’s the monsters themselves. I’ve got a mighty hunger.

However, I might get more than I can handle when a grumpy green giant sets his red eyes on me.

Expect this action monster romance novella to include:

  • massive size difference

  • strong FMC and MMC

  • fast paced action

  • lots of mean green milk

Author Note: This is a slightly expanded version of the short story in Monstrous Desires Anthology published February 2022.

Content Details: Extreme size difference, belly bulge, green nut butter, violence, gore, death game, death/murder, guns, sexually explicit content, unsafe sex, mention of breeding (no pregnancy occurs), rough and extreme sex, unrealistic/would undoubtedly kill someone in real life sex, morally gray characters, vomit and piracy.

Monster Island


Ho! Ho! No!!

Step One: Infiltrate Cringle Academy (which is filled with the snobbiest witches and wizards in existence, ugh)

Step Two: Kidnap Santa

Step Three: Win back my stolen crown

Step Four: Take back Christmas

I'm the last Christmas elf and I'm freaking tired of that jolly, twinkle-eyed joke acting like he invented my holiday! I’m tired of witches and wizards turning Christmas into a corporation. And I’m absolutely over the whole elegant Christmas vibe these weirdos created. I mean pastels?! When did Christmas involve PASTELS!

I’m competing in this school’s famous Christmas Cringle Competition. A week of everything Christmas--baking, snowball fights, gingerbread houses. Oh, I’ve so got this.

There are a few things threatening to ruin my plans though:

Professor Jack Frost is winter itself. He's a powerful, ancient elf that could ruin my ruse if he gets too close and realizes who I really am.

Nick Krampus, the frightening Krampus monster who enjoys his job of punishing naughty people way too much. Yikes--is kidnapping Santa considered naughty?

Pyr Claus. Cringle Academy's little golden prince who I will in no way fall for. I don't care how good he looks or how everyone seems to buy his whole nice guy act. He's a Claus, enemy numero uno.

I'm pretty sure they know I've got Santa in my closet...I am so dead.

Author Note: This is a steamy, fast-paced, and fun standalone. This is a why choose/paranormal reverse harem novel with three male love interests and mm scenes.

Opera Snapshot_2022-08-01_122136_www_edited.jpg

The Cringle Academy

Opera Snapshot_2022-08-01_122136_www_edited.jpg
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